Green Origins Series: Wheatgrass salad dressing
Green Origins Series: Wheatgrass salad dressing

Green Origins Series: Wheatgrass salad dressing

Friday, 7th October 2016

Over the next two months, the lovely folks at Green Origins will be sharing some of their favourite wholesome recipes with us. Each recipe will highlight one of their premium superfoods—so get ready to bake, cook, and blend your way to superhuman health!
Wheatgrass is a high-nutrition food containing a broad range of vitamins and minerals. It is the young, leafy growth of wheat prior to development of the ear- or seed-head, and when the young leaves of wheat are in their most nutritionally-rich and fertile phase. Then it is harvested, cleaned, dried and milled into powder. Wheatgrass is high in Vitamins A and C which contribute to antioxidant protection, immune system support and normal brain function.

1. Place all ingredients except the chopped almonds in a blender and blend until a smooth thick dressing is achieved. If your blending is a less powerful type, it is helpful to add the oil gradually.
2. Prepare salad or green vegetables of your choice. Place in good sized bowl and pour dressing on.
3. Massage the dressing into the vegetables with your hands so that they are completely coated.
4. Leave the dish to sit for half an hour, for the flavours to combine.
5. Scatter the chopped almonds and serve.


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