Healthy Christmas Workshop
Healthy Christmas Workshop

Healthy Christmas Workshop

Tuesday, 2nd December 2014

Christmas is that time when we know we are likely overdo it, whether thats food, booze and/or late nights, but we can find ways to have a healthier Xmas without compromising on taste, a sense of indulgence and festive frivolity!
The main thing is to not give yourself carte blanche to go crazy, and try to pace yourself through the month as we all know that January sluggish feeling. Most people attribute it to the weather and the New Year blues but a lot of the time it's a knock on from overindulgences. I also have a lot of clients asking me for healthier alternatives to the ubiquitous beige buffet that we seem to be faced with at this time of the year.
Thats why on Thurs 11th Dec I’ll be hosting a fun and and interactive workshop in store at the Westbourne Grove location from 18.30-19.30 to get you in the festive spirit, and showing you plenty of ways to make it a healthier happier Christmas. We’ll be making tasty treats, giving you plenty of inspired ideas and you can take recipe cards away on the day.
In the meantime here’s some handy tips on how to give you a merrier aftermath and a delicious dip thats sure to be a hit with all of the family!

  • Pimp your veggies - make them the prominent part of your plate by using delicious festive spices like nutmeg, and cinnamon to enhance the flavour. Parnsips and carrots roasted with thyme and cumin is a match made in veggie heaven. And try to have one meal per week that is totally meat free. It gives your digestion a bit of a rest and means we can up plant based foods in the diet which is important to counterbalance acidic foods such as meat, dairy and alcohol.
  • Healthy snacks - snacking is almost always the downfall around Christmas, that constant grazing habit is usually the reason why we add on a couple of unwanted pounds so it is best to stick to meal times as much as possible. But instead of having things like crisps, blinis and mini chocolates for when friends and family come over why not swap in for kale chips, olives & almonds, crudities and vegetable dips or raw chocolate truffles.
  • Virgin cocktails - get creative by making non alcoholic versions of your favourite tipple. Throwing together some cucumber, mint and strawberries into sparkling water makes a healthy take on a Pimms. And kombucha is also a nice fizzy alternative to champagne. 
  • The morning after - this is when we really need to replenish the body’s stores so making sure you start out on a positive note is super important. Smoothies are a great and easily digestible quick option and you can just pop in a tablespoon of maca or acai powder or simply smash some avocado onto buckwheat toast with a sprinkling of paprika, both of which will pack in lots of antioxidants. 
  • Do supplement! We know that reserves run low around this period so it's worthwhile taking a great supplement to see you through. I like Terranova Living Multrinutrient complex as a nice broad spectrum multi vitamin 
  • Digital detox - try to use this period to reconnect with real people rather than the virtual world. And use gentle aromas to promote deep and meaningful sleep. 
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