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Enjoy cooking and exploring the world of different cuisines with our comprehensive range of herbs and spices online at Planet Organic. From signature everyday vital flavourings to more ‘niche’ exotic herbs, bay leaves and salad topper ingredients, our natural, organic range of aromatic blends and spices supply everything you need to create a delicious, flavourful dish.
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Just Natural Mustard Seed Black (box) (50g)
Just Natural Coriander Ground (box) (40g)
Just Natural Mixed Spice (box) (25g)
Just Natural Curry Powder (box) (30g)
Just Natural Garam Masala (jar) (38g)
Just Natural Cinnamon Bark (jar) (16g)
Just Natural Dill Herb (jar) (15g)
Tropical Wholefoods Dried Shitake Mushrooms (50g)
On/Off Kaffir Lime Leaves (5g)
Just Natural Black Peppercorn Mill (55g)
Just Natural Cardamom Whole (jar) (26g)
Just Natural Oregano (jar) (17g)
Just Natural Bay Leaves (jar) (3g)
Just Natural Nutmeg Ground (jar) (45g)
Just Natural Rosemary (jar) (24g)
Just Natural Anise Star (jar) (14g)
Tropical Wholefoods Dried Oyster Mushrooms (25g)
Just Natural Poppy Seed (jar) (50g)
Just Natural Mint (Spearmint) (jar) (11g)
Just Natural Mixed Herbs (jar) (17g)
9Meals from Anarchy Real Vegetable Stock Umami (105g)
Just Natural Caraway Seeds (42 g)
Just Natural Curry Leaves (box) (5g)
Just Natural Garlic Granules (jar) (50g)
Just Natural Whole Nutmeg (20g)
Just Natural Smoked Paprika (35g)
A.Vogel Herbamare Low Salt (125g)
Just Natural Celery Seed (box) (35g)
Just Natural Cayenne Pepper (jar) (38g)
Tropical Wholefoods Dried Porcini Mushrooms (30g)
A.Vogel Herbamare Original (125g)
Just Natural Cinnamon Ground (jar) (30g)
Just Natural Thyme (jar) (14g)
Just Natural Pepper Ground Black (jar) (42g)
Just Natural Cloves Whole (jar) (29g)
La Pastora Hot Paprika (75g)

Explore our range of essential cooking ingredients, herbs and spices at Planet Organic, for traditional European, Middle Eastern, South American and other worldwide inspired flavours.

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