Inside the Happy bread Company
Inside the Happy bread Company

Inside the Happy bread Company

Thursday, 22nd October 2015

We asked Karen from the Happy Bread Company to give us more details about her delicious fermented, gluten free and organic bread.
After 25 years of a bloated stomach, chronic IBS, rosacea that was getting progressively worse and a whole lot of unexplained aches and pains, Karen Collins, the Founder of The Happy Bread Company started recipe developing her way to clearing up these inflammatory problems. The result of all this - her new brand, The Happy Bread Co.

At The Happy Bread Co. we’re hugely passionate about fermented, organic, naturally gluten-free grains, nuts, roots and seeds which make up the majority of our products. Our range of fermented, gluten-free baps are a nutritious mixture of organic, roasted sweet potato and organic ancient wholegrains.
When making our bap dough we first have to roast kilos and kilos of sweet potatoes before peeling and mashing them so that they help create a light, spongy dough. Depending on whether it’s our amaranth bap, our buckwheat & teff bap or our wholegrain bap the process is the same.


We mix everything by hand (quite the sticky job!) until the dough is fully formed and then leave each dough to ferment overnight to help rid the grain of the phytic acid naturally occurring in it, to make each bap as nutritious as possible!

The next day we get our gluten-free guns ready for lots of kneading and shaping the dough into baps before leaving them to rise for at least 2 hours in a very warm room. The final step in the process which is the bake is relatively short compared with all the


But then comes the best part. The eating part! We love the baps with just about everything! They’re a fantastic burger bun, they’re wonderful toasted for breakfast with butter and jam, a mashed banana or avocado on top makes for a great pre or post workout meal and if sandwiches are your thing go wild! We’ve literally stuffed 10 different fillings into a bap before. And for this time of year they’re great for dunking into soups and stews for a more comforting meal.

Our fermented, gluten-free pittas are a heavenly mixture of Sicilian hazelnuts from the base of Mount Etna mixed with flaxseed, wholegrain teff, millet & oat flour. Similar to our baps there is a lot of hand mixing in making the dough before a longer fermentation (at least 24 hours) and then another day of kneading and shaping before allowing the pittas to rise over a few hours. Of course these pittas naturally lend themselves to Greek and Turkish style dishes with lashings of haloumi and hummus but they’re also so flavoursome on their own that they’re terrific simply toasted with a bit of salted butter spread on top.

In short, if you’re looking for a nutritious alternative to wheat bread and love eating bread just not the bloated aftermath, then you should definitely give our range a go! Eaten as part of a high fibre diet our bread has already had a positive impact on our already very happy customers!
Bread made by hand, just as it was in the old days and just as it should be today, I really hope you like ours!

The Happy Bread Company will be launching their range on the 13th October at Planet Organic.

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