Introducing the World’s Healthiest Rice

Introducing the World’s Healthiest Rice

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016

Want to meet the rice that can balance your mood and help you get healthier in the process?
GABA queen of calm!

Before we talk rice, let’s talk GABA. Nicknamed ‘nature’s Valium’, GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) naturally exists as one of the most calming chemical messengers in our brains. 


GABA helps level our moods, and improves our stress tolerance, while softening many of our body’s less welcome happenings. Think everything from racing, anxious minds to inflammation, high blood pressure, sleep disturbance, and an overactive immune response.

It’s pretty darn great – thank you brain! The problem is, GABA’s fast depleted in times of increased stress. SO, that’s most of modern life then. Time to hit the kitchen and top up our intake…

(Psst, science lovers will rejoice at the news gut bacteria has been seen eating GABA for the first time! It’s thought GABA foods’ calming action comes from improved intestinal microbiota sending positive biochemical messages to our brains. Now we’re getting closer to seeing how!)

Rice with benefits:

We get our fill with some help from the world’s healthiest rice – Organic Sprouted GABA. It’s the germination and sprouting process that brings optimal health benefits to a once-humble pantry ingredient. 

Alongside its substantial increase in GABA, sprouted rice is more fibrous, and vitamin and mineral-rich than traditional varieties. Sprouted rice specifically comprises more zinc and vitamins B1 and B6 – which also happen to boost the natural GABA production in your brain.

It’s all in the process… 

To make our rice, we take the highest quality rice blends - including organic wholegrain Hom Nin (for GABA Rice Black) and organic Thai jasmine wholegrain (GABA Rice Jasmine and GABA Rice Jasmine-Green) - and germinate and sprout each before milling. 

This process nurtures the nutrient production in each rice kernel. When we’re satisfied we’ve reached the maximum nutrient level (24 hours later), we parboil the grains to lock everything in. Especially that GABA! Our Jasmine-Green variety follows this very same method; the only difference being that the germination takes place in green tea. 

What you can expect:

Rice with bite! That’s how we tend to think of it. Organic Sprouted GABA Rice has a beautiful nutty quality and firmness, which pairs super well with a wide choice of sweet or savoury dishes – from rice wraps, to salads, puddings, Buddha Bowls and curries.

Get more of that goodness…

You may want to team your Organic Sprouted rice with glutamate-rich foods. These also help to increase your natural GABA production. Cook some spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, corn, lentils, cabbage, parsley and broccoli into a stew, serve on GABA rice and you have one heck of a calming dish! 

OR just check out what the health bloggers and Instagrammers are doing with theirs. It’s so exciting seeing the buzz around this wholesome ingredient and we can’t wait to hear how you’re using yours!

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