Is modern life zapping your energy?
Is modern life zapping your energy?

Is modern life zapping your energy?

Monday, 22nd August 2016

Modern technology has altered the landscape of our lives.
Life today is easier, faster and more convenient as a result of mobile phones, computers and the explosion in wireless communication.  However, many scientists around the world are trying to alert us to the fact that the devices to which we are all so wedded emit electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) which can have serious effects on our health.  You cannot see them, taste them or smell them but man-made EMFs are all-pervasive; we are surrounded by electro-pollution.
What are the health implications of using and being surrounding by wireless technology on a our bodies cellular communication which creates a biochemical stress response. Some people complain of headaches, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, low energy levels, problems concentrating and unaccountable aches and pains.
Minimise your exposure to EMF’s by making some basic changes wherever possible and investing in EMF protection devices such as energyDOTs.
EnergyDOTs are designed to be worn and used. Place a smartDOT on your mobile phone, laptop or wifi router to create a safer environment to live and work in. Wear a bioDOT to protect yourself from surrounding technology. The family of energyDOTs have been designed to offer maximum protection from EMF’s whether at home, at work or out and about.

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