Kale – a skin saviour in this dirty world?

Kale – a skin saviour in this dirty world?

Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

You are having kale in your smoothies and salads, but did you know that you should also be rubbing it on your face?

We all know that including kale in our diet is good for our health. Now we are learning that applying kale directly to the skin is an excellent way to detoxify the skin, protecting it from the effects of pollution and building resilience. City air contains a range of invisible pollutants that can undermine our skin in many ways. Free radicals from pollution can set up chain reactions within the skin that lead to inflammation and damage to skin tissue. Long term exposure to pollutants can result in dryness, premature ageing and even acne and rashes.

Kale contains an enzyme system that helps eliminate environmental stressors. These phytonutrients and the enzyme systems associated with them help to protect our skin cells from environmental damage.

To reduce the potential for damage, cleansing is possibly the most important element of any daily skin care routine because it removes airborne pollutants.
Many pollutants are electronically charged and active; using a cleanser that neutralises these charged particles but does not strip the skin of the protective layers is important.
Using circular motions to remove the dirt and grime, for example gentle massage during exfoliation, can energise the skin which helps to mitigate the effects of pollution.
So establishing a good cleansing routine is important:
  • Gentle milk or cream cleansers are good at emulsifying any pollutants that are on the skin. Ideally, use with a cotton ball to mechanically lift pollutants off the skin.
  • Regular exfoliation is recommended – don’t relegate this to just once a week because exfoliation will improve the health of the dermis.
  • Whilst foam based cleansers can be efficient at removing pollutants, these can strip the skin of vital bacteria and lipids that help maintain the protect acid mantle of the skin.
An ideal routine is to exfoliate once a day and to combine with daily use of a gentle milk cleanser.
Choosing a cleanser which includes Kale is an easy way to bring the benefits of topical Kale. Try Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser from Nourish which is gentle enough to use daily.

Kale is high in vitamins A and K and is a powerful antioxidant. When applied topically (or consumed through the diet) kale protects skin elasticity by protecting elastin molecules, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin suppleness; effectively slowing the ageing process. Vitamin K is ideal for reducing redness of the skin, promoting healing and reducing swelling.
Apply kale topically to preventing ageing by keeping cells fitter for longer.

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