KIKI Magnesium Oil (125ml)
Certified Gluten Free

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Product description
KIKI's Magnesium Oil is created using only Genuine Zechstein™ magnesium chloride. For 250 million years Genuine Zechstein™ magnesium salt has been protected deep within the Zechstein Seabed at a depth of 1600-2000 meters beneath the earth’s crust, isolated from the impurities of the modern world. The magnesium has been extracted in a preserved state from an ancient time millions of years prior to our modern age. KIKI does not add any other ingredients except those found naturally in the deep underground deposits of this pristine source. Magnesium is known as the ‘Beautiful Mineral’ in Chinese Medicine and is implicated in many biochemical reactions in the body. It is easily absorbed, odourless and 100% natural. This Magnesium Oil is a convenient spray which helps you easily target any area of concern and apply magnesium directly.
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