LoveRaw chocolate Truffles
LoveRaw chocolate Truffles

LoveRaw chocolate Truffles

Wednesday, 19th July 2017

***Recipe by @kajaand***

1. Soak the dates in warm water for 5 minutes. Drain them.
2. Place the almonds in a food processor and mix for 30 seconds.
3. Add the drained dates to the food processor with the almonds and mix until it forms a batter.
4. Add raw cacao, melted coconut oil, vanilla, @loveraw Skin Food Booster and salt to the blender and mix until smooth.
5. Pick up handfuls of the mixture and roll them into equal sized balls, then roll them in cacao powder.
6. Set them in the fridge for at least 20 minutes before you enjoy them.


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