​Motion Nutrition Super Detox Smoothie
​Motion Nutrition Super Detox Smoothie

​Motion Nutrition Super Detox Smoothie

Wednesday, 1st June 2016

We must admit, some frequent users of Motion Nutrition Mid Workout Hydration have found a secret benefit to this product.
While it is designed to keep you hydrated and focused during long workouts, its properties are also extremely beneficial to rekindle the morning after the night before. Spinach and kale are both extremely high in antioxidants which will also help with any potential Sunday morning predicament. All in all, this is a super healthy detox smoothie, whether or not you are suffering from a hangover.
Add all ingredients to your blender in the order above, except for the ice. Blend thoroughly and serve over plenty of ice.
A trick to keeping the balance right between the greens and the fruit is to aim for 40% greens, 60% apple. You can also try boosting this drink even further by using coconut water or birch water instead or regular water.

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