National Refill Day
National Refill Day

National Refill Day

Wednesday, 19th June 2019

National Refill Day is a public awareness campaign aiming to make single-use plastic bottles a thing of the past. It helps to prevent millions of the 8 billion single-use plastic bottles sold in the UK annually from polluting our streets and our oceans - today, people are being encouraged to carry a reusable water bottle and refill on the go.
Happy National Refill Day!
We think it's a brilliant opportunity to share the positive message of refill so we’ve written this blog to help you think about all the ways you can refill at Planet Organic.
We’ve all seen the videos on social media and Blue Planet and the damage that single use plastic is doing to our environment and oceans. The BBC1 documentary ‘War on Plastic’ has highlighted, yet again, the complexity of waste and recycling as well as the problems of illegal plastic waste dumps in developing countries such as Malaysia – who receive a lot of the UK’s exported plastic, supposedly for ‘recycling’.
The partnership between Unpackaged and Planet Organic grew because we all believe reuse is a better answer than recycling. But we’re all in this together! For reuse to work, we need YOU to join us and bring your own kit to Planet Organic to refill.
We’re going to show you what you can do and why it’s important.
Unpackaged Refills @ Planet Organic
Planet Organic have a wide array of ingredients and snacking items in the refill sections in four stores – Muswell Hill, Torrington Place, Westbourne Grove, and Islington (and soon to be Queen’s Park) – from healthy staples such as short grain brown rice, oats and quinoa to nuts, seeds and delicious raw chocolate covered almonds. Did you know Planet Organic have unpackaged coffee beans which you can grind at home for maximum freshness? Bring your own boxes, bags and tupperware from home and use the self-service scale to zero off the weight of any container you bring - sorted!
Food To Go - BYO Cups, Cutlery & Boxes
The food to go counter is a great opportunity for refilling, in ways you may not have thought of! The simplest is BYO coffee cups for hot drinks, and remember you can also put juices in a large reusable cup too. Consider investing in a reusable metal straw for smoothies that you can take with you which means you won’t need one of Planet Organic’s compostable straws either.
There are lots of reusable cutlery kits available at Planet Organic which are
really compact and easy to keep in your bag - using a reusable cutlery kit means cutting down on
even more compostable usage.
If you’re eating in one of Planet Organic’s cafes, you can use an enamel plate or bowl, just ask at the counter.
Planet Organic is a proud supporter of the City to Sea and Refill App’s campaigns for free water refills to be available across the country in a bid to slash the 8 billion bottles sold in the UK every year. All
Planet Organic stores offer free reverse osmosis filtered water to anyone and everyone, so pop in for a refill of London’s purest still or sparkling water.
Health & Bodycare Refills
Planet Organic regulars will know that the Muswell Hill store is where we first trialled the Unpackaged
concept back in 2015 and where we have a couple of extra refill stations. We offer E-cover washing up
liquid and laundry liquid where the refill is always better value than the bottle – giving you an extra
reason to refill.
And we recently added an amazing new #uselessplastic Unpackaged Beauty section where you can
find a really good range of hair and bodycare refills from Faith In Nature and Tabitha James Kraan as
well as super relaxing range of bath salts which you can refill.
The key to #zerowaste and refilling is to think big, be bold and try and do as much as you can, don’t worry about getting funny looks when you hand over your reusables!
Our best tip is to stock up on a set of small cotton bags and keep those in your bag at all times so that if you’re ever caught on the hoof and you want a croissant or some fruit, you can pop it in one of those.
Watch this space for something new and exciting coming to the Devonshire Square store – a new and exciting refill station – a little bit different than we’ve done before – to help your #waronplastic. 

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