New Summer Juice & Smoothie Menu
New Summer Juice & Smoothie Menu

New Summer Juice & Smoothie Menu

Thursday, 8th June 2017

We’re ready for summer and to get us in the mood, we’ve updated our juice & smoothie menu.
We’re bringing you 6 new recipes you’ll love, with exciting new ingredients and flavours. For a great breakfast option on the go, we’ve also introduced 2 delicious smoothie bowls.
Kombucha Zinger
We’ve combined 2 great things….our classic Zinger juice and Kombucha to create this refreshing and fruity juice with the added gut boosting benefits of Kombucha. Ingredients; orange, carrot, ginger & Kombucha.


The perfect light Summer juice, easy to drink and very hydrating. Ingredients; cucumber, lemon, aloe vera & apple cider vinegar.


Shroom Shake
An adaptogenic powerhouse of a smoothie containing maca and mushrooms with the taste of a delicious healthy chocolate milkshake! Ingredients; hazelnut mylk, banana, almond butter, cacao, maca, reishi & lion’s mane.

Green & Lean
The green sibling to the Benchpress. Containing a full serving of plant based protein powder its great pre and post workout (or at any other time). Ingredients; coconut water, banana, plant based protein powder, spinach, almond butter & spirulina.  

Gold ‘N’ Greens
We love our turmeric latte so we’ve created a smoothie version using the same spice mix. We’ve added a probiotic sachet from Optibac so this smoothie will also give you your daily dose. Ingredients; almond mylk, banana, spinach, Optibac probiotic sachet, turmeric & spices.

Mango Lassi
We’ve used the same fruit combination in favourite smoothie Mango Passion but blended it with kefir for a creamy, fruity smoothie. Ingredients; kefir, banana, strawberry, raspberry, mango & passionfruit.


Smoothie Bowls
A delicious breakfast option, combining thick cold smoothie with granola. Available in 2 flavours; acai & pitaya. The acai combines acai with coconut water, dates and banana, the pitaya combines pitaya with coconut mylk, dates and banana. Then both are topped with banana, granola and almond butter. 

  • Acai Bowl

  • Pitaya Bowl

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