New Summer Salads
New Summer Salads

New Summer Salads

Sunday, 5th May 2019

With winter coats edging towards the back of the wardrobe and temperatues (hopefully) on the rise, we’ve updated our mix and match salads to celebrate some of our favourite seasonal ingredients. All of our new summer salads are vegan, wheat-free and are made using fresh organic vegetables.
Chickpea Tabbouleh
Think couscous is reserved for gluten-eaters? Think again. We use chickpea flour gluten-free couscous and mix it with chopped peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes and an abundance of fresh parsley, mint and coriander before dressing with lemon juice and olive oil for a vibrant take on a classic tabbouleh.
Summer Pea Salad
This fresh garden pea, raw courgette, shaved fennel and celery salad is a celebration of all things summery, with plenty of parsley, lemon and garlic for added zing.
Heritage Tomatoes
Summertime means one thing: beautifully ripe British tomatoes. This salad celebrates just that, so it’s just chopped tomatoes dressed with a black olive and garlic oil to balance the natural sweetness and a sprinkling of china rose radish sprouts to finish.
CBD Tahini Carrots
This zingy salad is the perfect partner for anything in our mix and match section and helps up your CBD intake. We dress the shredded carrot with a CBD, lemon, maple and tahini dressing and garnish with hemp seeds and chopped coriander.
Quinoa and Kale
A marriage of crunchy kale, pomegranate, seasonal heritage tomatoes and three colours of quinoa, with creamy vegan mozzarella running through it.
Summer Slaw
This Asian-inspired slaw is zesty with coriander, chilli, lemon and ginger with plenty of crunch from grated butternut squash, white cabbage, carrot and courgette.
Coleslaw with Purple Carrot Mayo
Not your typical slaw, we dress the shredded red cabbage and white cabbage, carrots and spring onions with homemade vegan purple carrot mayo, made with purple carrot juice and apple cider vinegar.
Pickled Vegetables
We thinly slice white cabbage, carrot, cucumber and red pepper and quick-pickle it in white wine vinegar, Himalayan salt, coriander seeds, mustard seeds and cane sugar for a tangy, crunchy addition to your plate.


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