Nuun active hydration orange (52g)
Dairy Free
Wheat Free
Certified Gluten Free

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Product description
Nuun Active replenishes what you lose when you sweat because it’s packed with electrolytes. Its flavour is light and its ingredients clean. The electrolytes help alleviate cramps, enable muscles to function and burn energy efficiently. Electrolytes are tiny electronically-charged particles that are lost via sweat during exercise. The four main electrolytes, which are included in nuun’s formula, that play vital roles in hydration and exercise performance are: sodium – to maintain fluids balance, potassium – to prevent muscle cramps, magnesium – to relax muscles, calcium – required for normal muscle functions. Non-GMO-sourced dextrose helps the body to absorb fluids more efficiently (1g of sugar per tablet). Nuun uses a plant-based sweetener (stevia leaf extract).
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