​Our New Protein Balls

​Our New Protein Balls

Thursday, 25th August 2016

Available in all stores now is our new range of protein balls! Freshly made, they come in 3 flavours; almond, coconut and cacao.
Protein bars are a great on the go snack option, we have so many great ones to choose from and always carry one around with us for snacking emergencies! However we wanted to create something fresher, with less ingredients that contained plant based protein powder.

Enter our protein balls! They are made using only almonds, dates, banana, cocoa powder, cacao nibs & Sunwarrior Plus protein powder. Then we coat them in either coconut, almond or cacao. Rather than 6 months shelf life, we only give our 4 days so you know they are fresh.


They are a great pre workout option, the mix of natural sugars and protein will fuel you for a good workout. Also post workout the protein content will aid your muscle recovery. But don’t think protein is just for the gym…it is a key element of a balanced diet. Protein has so many functions in our bodies; from building & repairing tissues to making hormones and enzymes.


Protein takes more energy to digest than carbohydrates or fat which make protein based snacks a great option. They’ll keep you feeling satiated for longer and as these balls don’t contains any refined sugar, you won’t get that energy peak & slump. That makes our protein balls an all-round good snacking option, any time of day! 


Introducing the newest addition to our protein ball range; the NOtella protein ball. Made with a few simple ingredients; hazelnuts, dates, banana, Sunwarrior Plus protein powder, cocoa powder and cacao nibs. 

They are available from all our stores
Visit our Food To Go to see what we offer

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