Our New Shots

Our New Shots

Friday, 22nd April 2016

In addition to our all time favourite the wheatgrass shot, we have also included an E3 Live shot, a Ginger Tonic and Turmeric Tonic for bold and brave health seekers out there
Turmeric Tonic
Tumeric, carrot, acerola cherry
Turmeric Tonic- A potent fusion of turmeric, carrot, acerola cherry. Loaded with skin-loving vitamin C and dozens of anti-inflammatory compounds, a real must for the active Londoner.

E3 Live
Live blue-green algae
E3Live –Mother Nature’s miracle food! This is a shot of 100% organic blue-green algae containing over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Wild-harvested from clean, serene Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA.

Ginger Tonic:
Ginger, lemon, Echinacea, goldenseal, cayenne
Ginger Tonic – A real eye opener! Pure ginger and lemon with a dash of echinacea and cayenne, this is not only a flu buster but an excellent digestive tonic. 


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