Woolcool: What is it and what makes it sustainable?

We have searched high and low for the most sustainable way to deliver chilled food and drinks nationwide. We’ve explored chilled delivery vans, waded through packaging solutions and thermometer-tested rigorously and we’re confident that Woolcool is not only the best option for keeping food cool, but also the best option for the environment too.

What is Woolcool and how does it work?

Woolcool is a packaging solution that keeps products cool for up to 72 hours. It consists of two elements: wool insulation and ice packs. The ice packs bring down the temperature inside the box to the correct level and the wool insulation makes sure it stays that way. 

What is it made of?

The wool insulation liner is made from sheep’s wool – a bi-product from the food industry that’s in abundant supply. It’s wrapped in a plastic film made from recycled materials and is also recyclable.

We appreciate that wool is not a vegan product, but other insulators just didn’t compare on the effectiveness or sustainability fronts (wool is compostable, requires no chemical treatment and is reusable), which is why we’ve chosen to use wool. We’ll keep looking for plant-based alternatives and please email us if you have any suggestions.

The ice packs are made from recycled plastic filled with water. We chose water-filled ice packs as it is natural and the easiest to dispose of. Just puncture the ice pack, drain the water down the sink and the plastic can be recycled with plastic carrier bag collection points. 

We’d love for you to return your wool liners and ice packs to us so that we can reuse them. Find out how our packaging returns works here

What makes Woolcool so sustainable?

There are two sides to Woolcool’s sustainability: the materials used and the impact this material has on logistics. Woolcool is also B Corp certified, which means they meet the highest standards both environmentally and socially. 

We’re also able to reuse the wool liner and ice packs over and over again, so if you return them to us, they’re more sustainable. 

The material:

  • Wool is a bi-product of the food industry, which means we’re not wasting energy and resources creating a brand new material to insulate the products.
  • Wool is a natural insulator because its fibres are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture from the air around them. This means wool can maintain a cool and stable temperature, as well as keeping us warm in winter.
  • Because it is a natural product and not treated with harsh chemicals, the wool is safe to compost and will in fact nourish the soil when it breaks down.
  • The plastic film that coats the wool liner is made from recycled plastic and is also recyclable itself.

The logistics:

  • As Woolcool allows us to keep our products cool and food safe for 72 hours, it eliminates the need for refrigerated delivery vans, which guzzle a lot of energy.
  • Being such an effective natural smart fibre, we don’t have to use as many ice packs as we would if we delivered in a traditional polystyrene crate to keep the products cool.
  • Unlike polystyrene crates which are 3D, we use flat pack boxes and insulate them with the wool liners and ice packs. This means that we require less delivery vans to deliver the packaging to us, and because they are easier to store, we can hold more of them at a time, reducing the need for frequent packaging deliveries.

We’d love for you to return your wool liners and ice packs to us so that we can reuse them. Find out how our packaging returns works here.