Pump up the plant protein

Pump up the plant protein

Thursday, 26th February 2015

Incorporating protein in a plant-centric lifestyle is easier than you think! Pump up the protein with these simple plant based staples.

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28 May 2015
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Without mentioning how much of the headline protein content is actually bioavailable, this piece is misleading at best.
Reply by Planet Organic Hi Hugh,
It's a great point. Because the bioavailibility is dependent on how you eat these plant based proteins, we would love to follow this blog up with a "How To" guide on pairing proteins and food combining to maximise the protein uptake. The focus of this article was to highlight high protein foods for those seeking to increase their intake but we'll be sure to include a post in our blog on food combining.
All the best!
08 Mar 2015
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Are the protein values for the beans and lentils by cooked or uncooked portion? Seems more likely that it refers to uncooked but would be helpful if this was clear.
Reply by Planet Organic Good Morning, the protein values are for uncooked portions.
Have a nice day.

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