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Raising our voices for a GM free UK

Raising our voices for a GM free UK

Wednesday, 18th February 2015

We have been campaigning against GM foods since we started, but sadly the fight is not over. Add your face to the gmfreeme campaign, and send a clear message that we don’t want GMO in our food or our fields.
A recent decision at EU levels means that we can expect to be planting GM crops in the UK within the next couple of years.
For the majority of the British population who are aware of the devastation GMOs have caused in countries like the US, and who do not want GMOs in our food or farming, this is both very bad news and a call to arms.
The GM Free Me campaign is a unique and impactful way to speak out – one that forces politicians and policymakers to look the British public in the eye and try to justify the unjustifiable.
To take part just upload a photo of yourself holding the downloadable card, and a comment, onto our visual petition. The photos will be placed on a map of the UK where you live. You’ll get a link to your own web page which you can then share with friends to encourage them to take part - and with your MP to let him or her know that you, and others like you, want the UK to stay GM free.
This is not just another selfish selfie or narcissistic photo op. The GM Free Me campaign is about protecting the food system and challenging some very damaging mythologies that have grown up around GMOs such as: they are more nutritious, they are cheaper, they produce higher yields, they reduce pesticide use or are necessary to feed the world.  These were the false promises of GM foods, and not one of them is true.
But perhaps the biggest myth of all is that GMOs are a ‘science issue’ which the general public has no business being involved in.
If you eat, you should be involved. Join in today and together let’s raise our voices for a GM free UK.
Pat Thomas
Campaign Director
GM Free Me

Video: Raising our voices for a GM free UK

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15 May 2015
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no GMO!
14 May 2015
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14 May 2015
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GM free UK
14 May 2015
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No GM foods & no pesticides thank you!

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