Rebel Kitchen’s Revitalising Coconut Water Smoothie
Rebel Kitchen’s Revitalising Coconut Water Smoothie

Rebel Kitchen’s Revitalising Coconut Water Smoothie

Thursday, 12th January 2017

Our guts could probably do with a bit of TLC after the festive overindulgence – this revitalising smoothie will help put the spring back in your step.
Healing properties in ginger help to soothe the digestive system, the fruit and veg are nutrient-dense, and the coconut water is loaded with antioxidants and electrolytes. The perfect combination to help reset your health.
1 250ml Rebel Kitchen Raw Coconut water
½ cucumber
1 generous chunk of fresh ginger
1 ripe banana
2 large handfuls of fresh spinach
Ice cubes
Serves one.
Add all ingredients to your blender. Blend for 1 minute or until the texture is a smooth consistency and the ice cubes have disintegrated.
Serve immediately and enjoy!
About the water and the benefits
Rebel Kitchen Organic Coconut Water is a single source coconut water that comes from organic young green coconuts grown in the Philippines. It’s packed full of electrolytes and potassium, which makes it perfect for rehydration as well as containing properties to support good immune function.
The coconut water is also loaded with antioxidants which gives it that healthy pink glow. Young green coconuts contain high levels of antioxidants that turn pink when oxidized. This is only the case when the product is not heat-treated and is a visible marker of the quality of Rebel Kitchen Organic Coconut Water.
Like everything it makes, Rebel Kitchen’s Organic Coconut Water contains no refined sugar, additives or preservatives. It’s also vegan and gluten-free.
Rebel Kitchen Coconut Water is made from organic, young green coconuts, sustainably sourced from local farmers in the Philippines. Rebel Kitchen uses the whole coconut – coconut water goes into its bottles, coconut meat into its yogurts, and coconut husks help to fuel power at the plant. Sustainability at its best.

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