Supplements During Pregnancy
Supplements During Pregnancy

Supplements During Pregnancy

Friday, 8th January 2016

This week Mamalina explores which supplements she is taking during her pregnancy to nourish her body and help grow a healthy baby.
I find being pregnant an incredible time but building and growing a healthy baby takes serious energy and nutrition. Our bodies and minds go through so much physically, emotionally and psychologically which is why when we fall pregnant, the greatest blessing of all, we need to do everything we can to prepare our bodies to feel good and strong and crucially, to ensure we have all the correct nutrients for the growth of our baby

Above and beyond what we know – not to smoke, not to drink alcohol, to avoid runny eggs, unpasteurized cheese, coffee and raw fish – it’s recommended to give our bodies a little extra help along the way for our sake, and for the sake of the unborn baby.
The best way to receive this extra boost is by taking a pregnancy supplement so I’m going to explain what I take and why. This article is just intended to be a bit of a thought starter to get you thinking about what you might want to take supplement wise. I’m no expert but I have learnt that it’s all about finding the right supplement that works for you and your particular symptoms – it can genuinely turn your pregnancy experience around! With certain brands plastered all over tube stations and NHS leaflets, it’s easy to think that there is only one option. But, with a little help from Planet Organic’s fertility nutritionist, Angela Heap, I learnt that that there are in fact many options out there and a huge difference between them at that.
The one I have opted for in the end is a brand called Wild Nutrition and I take one pill once a day with a meal.

One of the most important reasons to take a supplement is to get folate or as some say, folic acid in to your system as this is crucial for the growth of the baby and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. Most supplements on the market contain folic acid which is in an ‘inactive’ form for the body. In order to activate this and ultimately get access to this, your body needs to break this down using enzymes, and some people quite simply may have issues doing this and blockages in their bodies that hinders this process due to our own brand of DNA, which is ultimately passed down your family line. The main difference between Wild Nutrition and some of the high street supplements, and what ultimately attracted me to choose it, is the form of folate it contains. Unlike other branded supplements that contain folic acid, Wild Nutrition supplements provide the required 400ug of folic acid as natural Food-Grown folate. This food-grown form is much purer and is in the active form ie. your body doesn’t need to convert it using a huge 4 step process and its less synthetic than folic acid and crucially in this form, it is far easier for our bodies to absorb and reap the benefits from. It also contains nutrients such as Vitamin D, Iron and Vitamin B12 to give support and energy to the immune system and the different stages of development (all those crazy amazing things that make up the growth of the baby from cell division to DNA synthesis to the baby’s bones!) I also love that it contains no fillers and binders (the nasties used to “bulk” out other brand’s pills.)
0h and the pill itself is a lovely natural colour as opposed to the bright unnatural colour some of the other supplements can be.
Every pregnancy is different and as I mentioned, it’s all about finding what works for you. This time round being pregnant I found myself suffering really badly with sickness, all day, and although I was not physically throwing up very much, I had a deep-seated, painful, curl-up-in-a-ball horrible, sickness feeling from roughly week 9 to week 16 that left me bed bound much of my free time simply because I felt so unwell, as well as tired. At this point, Angela pointed me in the direction of Wild Nutrition’s Food-Grown Vitamin B6 and I haven’t looked back since. I started taking two pills once a day with a meal and it immediately started to help. Vitamin B6 helps our bodies to process certain proteins which reduces nausea and it also helps us to use and store energy from food and help grow red blood cells. It certainly helped me.
Finally, I take a vitamin D supplement – one tiny pill every morning. Unless you are frequently getting good amounts of sunlight (not likely if you live in the UK I’m afraid to say!), many pregnant women are deficient in Vitamin D, and it turned out after having routine blood tests at the hospital that I was really lacking it so I was put on a high does.
Otherwise, you might want to consider something lighter such as Dlux Vitamin D oral spray which is a (delightful minty) spray you can take in the mornings and will give you that all important Vitamin D boost needed for pregnancy to help your calcium and phosphate levels and ensure healthy bones and teeth for you and your baby.
So that’s a summary of everything I am taking to supplement my pregnancy which is leaving me feeling strong and good. Please note that if you’re considering taking any supplement, do talk to your midwife or doctor first. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch at and I, or Angela, will do our best to get back to you. You can also find me @mamalinauk on Instagram and Twitter. Come and say hello!
Finally, I wanted to add something about the price of supplements. They can be fairly dear, depending on which brand you take and of course how many. It’s worth knowing that the UK government runs something called the healthy start scheme to help low-income pregnant women. Take a look at the website listed below to see if you are eligible.
Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for more posts about how to simply and effectively nourish your body during pregnancy. Stay happy and stay healthy lovely people!
Emma x
You can buy Wild Nutrition supplements here:
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To find out more about Angela and how to work with her, go to
To find out more about the Healthy Start Scheme, go here

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