Tasty Immune Boosting Granola
Tasty Immune Boosting Granola

Tasty Immune Boosting Granola

Thursday, 16th March 2017

Why not rustle up a stash of this sugar free, health boosting, granola to have at hand on busy mornings?
This recipe by Unbeelievable Health’s founder Sarah Orecchia is super tasty, easy to make and is totally addictive. Add to yogurt or berries, mix in nut butters, or use it as a base to create protein bars or balls.

400 grams thick cut organic oats (gluten free if desired)

1 cup each:
Combine all dry ingredients in a big bowl. Pour in coconut oil (melt a bit first if need be) & then the Toca Honey, stir well & spread mixture onto baking sheets. Put in a 120c oven for 1 hour. Take out to stir and move it around a bit to ensure all bits get toasted. Put back for 15-20 minutes until golden. Let cool for an hour. When cool, sprinkle the contents of 6-8 capsules of Bee Prepared Daily Defence immune formula & stir well (bee Prepared combines extracts of bee propolis, elderberry, olive leaf, beta glucans & acerola cherry & is suitable for most ages).
Store in a zip lock bag or sealed container in the refrigerator (for maximum crunchiness). Keeps for several weeks.

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