The Bone Broth from Ossa
The Bone Broth from Ossa

The Bone Broth from Ossa

Friday, 21st August 2015

Why is bone broth so good?
Michael, my husband, and I have worked in partnership over the past three years to launch Ossa and our first range of products 'The Bone Broth', and are over the moon that Planet Organic are our first stockist. We wanted to ensure all the principles from our own family kitchen were brought to this our first of hopefully many ranges. We believe in the power of natural foods, that are organic where possible and of the highest quality. 
We discovered bone broth during my pregnancy with our first child Jack in 2012, and it has made a huge difference to our lives and health. It plays a big part in our day to day family routine, and I also swear by the part it played in my pregnancy and healing post delivery with my joints feeling supple, I had no stretch marks, clear skin and a strong stamina. I was able to work out gently and walk daily up until the day I delivered. My skin glowed and on the whole I felt like super woman! I am now pregnant with my second baby too.  
We have developed The Bone Broth and worked hard to ensure it is made of only the highest quality pasture-reared beef bones, and from animals grass fed to organic standards. Our broth is made with filtered water and organic vegetables and is cooked for a minimum of 24 hours. At Ossa we value a slow traditional cooking method, which can extract nutrients such as collagen, amino acids, calcium, gelatine, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. 

Nutrient Benefits
Calcium – is great for your bones! Calcium is a vital mineral that our body uses to stabilize blood pressure and build strong bones and teeth. 

Amino Acids – are the building blocks of our tissues and a key player in our central nervous system.
Collagen – supports joint health as it is a protein-based connective tissue – it helps hold your bones, ligaments and muscles together – which means it protects against anti-ageing and wrinkles too.

Gelatine – supports skin, hair and nail growth, can improve digestion since it naturally binds to water and helps food move more easily though the digestive track. It is also rumoured to help improve cellulite.
Phosphorous - Your body needs phosphorus for many tasks, such as filtering waste and repairing your tissues and cells.
Potassium – is an electrolyte, which means it conducts electrical impulses throughout the body. It helps with muscle contractions, blood pressure, nerve impulses, digestion and much more.
Magnesium - helps keep the muscles toned and strong and is also a natural sleep aid.
Iodine – Fish bone broth is full of this nutrient and can protect against a sluggish thyroid, which can cause weight gain, and energy loss as you age.

How to use The Bone Broth
We created a concept which we call Cold, Cup and Pan to help you use bone broth in lots of different way - here are some simple ideas for your broth: 
Pan: The Bone Broth is a simple, convenient base for soups and stews, enhancing dishes with valuable nutrients for the whole family; such as Ossa’s Butternut Broup or Jacks’ Stew recipes the family have developed

Cup: Try The Bone Broth as the ultimate healthy coffee replacement. Not a drop of caffeine in sight, just a natural and alternative way to start your day. In contrast to caffeine, drinking The Bone Broth can help support a healthy immune system in times of intense work or stress.

Cold: Use in a protein shake, juice or a smoothie for breakfast. Bone Broth can be added to green juice or warmed neat, The Bone Broth is a light but effective pre-workout routine and post training, add to smoothies to aid recovery.
We are so proud to be launching at Planet Organic, and look forward to hearing from you about your experience with The Bone Broth. Send us your pictures and share your broth stories with us @ossabonebroth


Available from 25th August Beef, Chicken and Fish Varieties (£5.25 per 500ml). Introductory offer £4.50 per 500ml until 30 September

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25 Aug 2015
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We would love to share more recipe's and Bone broth insight with you! We are thrilled to be working with @planetorganic
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