The Story Behind Dr. Hauschka
The Story Behind Dr. Hauschka

The Story Behind Dr. Hauschka

Friday, 15th July 2016

Nearly 50 years old Dr. Hauschka is born out of a medical background.
Developed by Dr. Rudolph Hauschka, a pioneering chemist who developed revolutionary techniques to extract plant medicines, and Elizabeth Sigmund a cosmetologist who worked with the skin, recognizing it as the largest organ of the body. This unique link to a medical background means the Dr. Hauschka preparations can have a transformative effect on the skin by working with its natural rhythm. The range is especially suitable for all types of sensitive skin issues and acne at all ages. Cleansing Cream
Based in Germany Dr. Hauschka manufactures all of its products at its headquarters and brings the highest quality formulations to life using carefully guarded manufacturing techniques and unique processing methods.
100% Natural & Organic Certified
NATRUE – All Dr. Hauschka products are stamped with this certification.
This internationally recognized label means Dr. Hauschka icon products like the Rose Day Cream and the Regenerating Eye Cream are independently certified as 100% Natural and at least 95% Organic.

NATRUE label guarantees the highest standards, quality and authenticity.
NO synthetic fragrances or dyes
NO silicone oils, NO ingredients from petrochemicals
NO irradiation of end products or herbal ingredients
NO animal testing
NO other certification standard has a stricter definition of naturalness
• Sustainable production process

Biodynamic Agriculture
What does this mean?
The echelon of organic farming, in fact, biodynamic farming methods actually put more into the soil than is taken out. No chemicals are used at all. Most of the seeds, compost and potting compost are self-produced on the farm itself which operates as a closed ecosystem. The gardeners use various plant preparations which help the compost to decompose and strengthen the resistance of the plants to pests and disease. Working by hand is essential when dealing with plants. When sowing and harvesting, our gardeners work with the rhythms of nature. Strong, healthy, vital plants are the result. The foundation for all our natural skin care products. Dr. Hauschka has a large biodynamic medicinal plant garden in Germany and also has biodynamic, fair trade growing co-operatives invested across the world which supply the highest quality fresh resources.
Dr. Rudolf Hauschka's gave his company a mission that continues to this day "to support the healing of humanity and the earth" 


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