The Superfit Superfood Tour
The Superfit Superfood Tour

The Superfit Superfood Tour

Friday, 30th January 2015

Tour the Planet Organic store with Laura Bond and Christina Hinds on Friday 30th January, as part of ‘The Superfit Superfood Tour of London’ to get clued up on healthy products and learn how to make smart purchases.

Discover London’s hottest health spots with elite athlete Christina Hinds and health coach and author Laura Bond.

Together they share with you their secret spots for spiced coconut porridge and daikon ravioli, give you access to exclusive health clubs and cutting edge fitness classes and introduce you to celebrity trainers and energy healers – who A-listers like Millie Mackintosh and Annie Lennox rely on to keep them toned and spiritually aligned.

Throughout each day Christina and Laura, who are both qualified health coaches, will be on hand to share their expert knowledge and provide one-on-one guidance on how to reach new levels of health and vitality.

NOTE: Spaces are limited. We are keeping numbers small to ensure you get the best individual attention and guidance.

Experience: Tour of Planet Organic on Friday 30th January
Food: Bespoke lunch at Planet Organic with Laura and Christina

Does your apple cider vinegar contain ‘the mother’? Is your magnesium supplement absorbed at a cellular level? What does fresh turmeric look like and what do you do with it?

Join Christina and Laura for a sweep of London’s largest fully certified organic supermarket in the UK. During the morning we show you how to navigate the aisles –how to choose the best sprouted bread, find the most potent aloe vera supplement and pick the perfect foods for a packed lunch.

Former elite athlete Christina knows how to keep a body in top condition and will be on hand to answer your questions on the best post-work out smoothies, supplements and more.

For those who want tips on keeping their immune system firing Laura can help you with cutting edge nutritional strategies. Having interviewed over 60 experts around the world, most of whom were doctors, Laura is clued-up on how to keep the body oxygenated, alkalized and energised for 21st century life.

As regulars at Planet Organic, Christina and Laura have tried and tested countless products – from bee-pollen to nut milk bags – and can help you save money with smart purchases.

Time: 11am-2pm
Location: Planet Organic
Date: 30th of January
Cost: £85

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