what is inside Toca Honey?
what is inside Toca Honey?

what is inside Toca Honey?

Friday, 29th May 2015

Discover it for yourself on a weekend trip to the farm in the Galician mountains!
We are a family run organic bee farm based in the Galician mountains, in Northwest Spain. 
We strongly believe that if we take care of our bees with love and dedication, providing them with the highest wellness standards, they will give us a reward of the finest organic raw products. 

This is why Toca´s hives are always located in pristine habitats far away from conventional farming in the Galician mountains of Ancaras & Courel.
The hives remain fixed at the same place all year round, so the bees do not suffer the stress of being moved from one place to another.  As such, they are well adapted to the flora, climate and environment of the area.

Wintertime at Toca is sometimes quite cold and usually covered with snow. During that period, the bees pass the season with the honey reserves they have produced during the summer, a practice which is often not followed.  Each of our bee hives produce on average 25 kg of organic honey a year and we always leave15 kg in the hive so the bees are never fed with anything except their pure creation: honey.  It´s simple, and as nature intended. We obtain less honey, but we are sure it´s from the highest quality.  Aside from this, the bees are much healthier due to the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that their own natural, raw and organic honey provides them. In this way, they do not suffer colony collapse because they have better defenses to fight against varroa mites and other common bee enemies.

All of the honey, bee pollen and bee products at Toca are homegrown, never blended. This is the unique way we can assure them being 100% raw, unfiltered, and organic certified. 
Beyond our work in the Galician mountains, we believe in collaborative work to extend sustainable beekeeping outside our farm.  We collaborate actively supplying our pure organic certified bees wax to many different small farms along Spain & Europe so more happy bee farms are available each season.
We don´t want to just tell you about it, we also want to show you our farm life.  This is why we want to invite you to discover what´s inside Toca.
To win two weekend trips for two couples, tag @planetorganic a picture that shows how much you love Toca Honey. Send it to the Planet Organic facebook page, twitter or Instagram account. Use the hashtag #lovetoca and start dreaming about discovering the amazing world inside the hive.

Enjoy the trip! We look forward to meeting you!

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