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Together Omega 3 DHA capsules from Algae Oil (30 tabs)
Dairy Free
Wheat Free
No Gluten

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Product description
Together have taken all the goodness from one of nature’s finest offerings and sourced their omega 3 from pure algae. Together do this because algae doesn’t contain any of the nasty contaminants found in fish oil and can be done in a sustainable way. Not only do fish oils smell funny and leave a nasty aftertaste, they contribute to the problem of overfishing. With an estimated 25% of the global fish catch being used to produce omega 3, Together are dedicated to only producing omega 3 that does not contribute to the disruption of our delicate marine ecosystems. Algae is a much more direct (fish only contain omega 3 because they eat algae!), sustainable and environmentally friendly way to source omega 3. Plus, Together grow the algae in a 100% contamination-free environment and extract the omega without using any chemicals at all. Each softgel is filled to the brim with plenty of naturally extracted DHA- and EPA-rich algae oil. Together's omega 3 better for the oceans, but also better for you. Key Highlights: Natural fish free algae (Schizochytrium species) source DHA and EPA omega 3 at the ideal ratio Sustainably grown in a completely contamination-free environment Certified vegan Tested safe for heavy metals, PCBs & Dioxins FISH freeFree from WHEAT, YEAST, GLUTEN, SOYA IODINE free Free from MILK products (LACTOSE) Sustainable source Non GMO Recommended during pregnancy Gentle on the stomach Manufactured to ISO / GMP / BRC accreditation

Customer Reviews

07 March 2017
Product Rating:#
Love Together!! Great vitamin brand!