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Vegan Breakfast

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Deliciously Ella Buckwheat Granola (425g)
Deliciously Ella Berry Granola (500g)
Deliciously Ella Bircher Muesli (500g)
BeMindFuel Chia Pudding Mix Dark Chocolate (50g)
Planet Organic Paleo Granola Chocolate Bliss (350g)
Deliciously Ella Original Granola (500g)
Planet Organic Paleo Granola Sweet Greens (350g)
Whole Earth Cornflakes (375g)
Deliciously Ella Fruit & Nut Muesli (500g)
Be Mindfuel Posh Teff Porridge Cacao (1 serving)
Planet Organic Gluten Free Jumbo Oats (850g)
Alara Scottish Porridge Oats (500g)
Keto Hana Keto Friendly Granola - Cocoa (300g)
Amisa Organic Spelt Puffs (200g)
Hodmedod Quinoa Flakes (250g)
Planet Organic Paleo Granola Caramel Apple Pie (350g)
Keto Hana Keto Friendly Granola - Cinnamon (300g)
Planet Organic Quinoa Flakes (500g)
Effi Foods Gut Friendly Chickpea Granola - Gentle Pecan (198g)
BeMindFuel Chia Pudding Mix Raspberry (50g)
Pimhill Porridge Oats (850g)
Doves Farm Chocolate Stars (300g)
Planet Organic Paleo Granola Original (350g)
Be Mindfuel Posh Teff Porridge Original (1 serving)
BeMindFuel Chia Pudding Mix Banana (50g)
Doves Farm Corn Flakes (325g)
Bio&Me Cocoa + Coconut Gut Friendly Prebiotic Granola (360g)
Keto Hana Keto Friendly Granola - Coconut & Almond (300g)
Be Mindfuel Posh Teff Porridge Coconut (1 serving)
Deliciously Ella Bircher Muesli Pot (90g)
Doves Farm Fibre Flakes (375g)
Rollagranola Healthy Hazelnut (350g)
Effi Foods Gut Friendly Chickpea Granola - Wholesome Raspberry (198g)
Planet Organic Jumbo Oats (500g)
Biona Organic Pure Oaty Granola - No Added Sugar (375g)
Bio&Me Apple + Cinnamon Gut Friendly Prebiotic Granola (360g)

Following a vegan diet shouldn’t have to mean alternating between plain porridge and dry toast for breakfast each day. We stock a huge range of over 90 cereals, granola, museli and more breakfast options that are all completely suitable for those who eat a vegan diet. Our great vegan breakfast range can be combined with your favourite fruits and vegetables for a hearty, filling and nutritious start to the day.

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Dairy Free
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Certified Gluten Free
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