Vegan Chocolate

Find a delicious range of dairy chocolate alternatives with our range of vegan chocolate at Planet Organic. Our Vegan Chocolate shop features popular chocolate products from leading brands such as Ombar, Deliciously Ella, Booja Booja and many more. There's no need to compromise on taste, as our Vegan Chocolate shop provides over 150 different chocolate bars, each infused with delicious flavours including pistachio, salted caramel, velvety-vanilla fudge and more.
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Deliciously Ella Salted Chocolate Dipped Almonds (30g)
Deliciously Ella Chocolate Orange Dipped Almonds (30g)
Ombar Hazelnut Truffle Centres (35g) Sale
£1.69 £1.99
Deliciously Ella Salted Chocolate Dipped Almonds (90g)
Themptation CBD Chocolate (40g)
Themptation CBD Orange Chocolate (40g)
Planet Organic Chocolate Covered Almonds (30g)
Planet Organic Low Sugar Hazelnut Truffles (80g) PlasticFree
Rhythm108 Swiss Made M'lk & Hazelnut Truffle Bar (100g) Sale
Pana Raw Chocolate Hazelnut (45g)
Pana Raw Chocolate White Macadamia (45g)
Rhythm108 Swiss Chocolate Bar - Sweet 'N' Salty Multipack (3 x 33g) Sale
Montezuma's Royal Mint Bar (90g)
Pana Raw Chocolate White Salted Caramel (45g)
Planet Organic Chocolate Covered Raisins (40g)
Pana Raw Chocolate Sour Cherry Vanilla (45g)
Pana Raw Chocolate Orange (45g)
Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar (150g) Sale
£3.59 £3.99
Benjamissimo No Added Sugar Dark 80% Chocolate Bar (70g)
Pana Raw Chocolate Strawberry and Pistachio (45g)
Planet Organic Low Sugar Almond Truffles (80g) PlasticFree
Pana Raw Chocolate White Raspberry (45g)
Pip & Nut Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cup (34g)
Pana Raw Chocolate Mint (45g)
Vivani 99% Dark Chocolate (80g)
Pana Raw Chocolate 80% Cacao (45g)
Blanxart 91% Congo Dark Chocolate (80g) Sale
£2.95 £3.69
Planet Organic Peanut Butter Cup (25g)
Ombar 100% (35g)
Ombar 60% Blueberry & Acai (35g)
Pip & Nut Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (34g)
Vivani Crunchy Coconut (35g)
Vanini Dark Chocolate With Hazelnuts & Caramel (100g)
Ombar Raspberry & Coconut Centres (70g)
Ombar Pistachio Centres (70g)
Vivani Dark Nougat Chocolate (100g)

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