Vegan Granola

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Raw Gorilla Keto Friendly Granola Chocolate (250g) Sale
Deliciously Ella Berry Granola (500g)
Deliciously Ella Nutty Granola (450g)
Bio&Me Low Sugar Gut-Loving Prebiotic Granola (360g)
Bio&Me Cocoa + Coconut Gut Friendly Prebiotic Granola (360g)
East Bali Cashews Granola Bites Chocolate Vanilla (125g)
Lizi's High Protein Granola (350g)
East Bali Cashews Granola Bites Coconut Banana (125g)
Lizi's Goodcarb Organic Granola (500g)
Lizi's Passionfruit & Pistach Granola (400g)
Erbology Tigernut Granola with Nopal Cactus (220g)
Rollagranola Absolutely Chocolate (350g)
Rollagranola Healthy Hazelnut (350g)
Rollagranola Awesome Almond (350g)
Lizi's GoodCarb Original Granola (500g)
Deliciously Ella Original Granola (500g)
Erbology Tigernut Granola with Sea Buckthorn (220g)
Paleo Foods Company Berry & Almond Granola (285g)
Rollagranola Matcha Caveman (300g)
Deliciously Ella Buckwheat Granola (425g)
Rollagranola Keto Caveman (300g)
Erbology Tigernut Granola with Jerusalem Artichoke (220g)
Eat Natural Low Sugar Granola (450g)
Paleo Foods Company Chia & Almond Granola (285g)
Planet Organic Paleo Granola Sweet Greens (350g)
Planet Organic Paleo Granola Original (350g)
Raw Gorilla Keto Friendly Granola Berry (250g) Sale
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Ezekiel Sprouted Whole Grain Cereal, Almond (454g)
Biona Pure Oaty Granola - No Added Sugar (375g)
Lizi's Mango & Macadamia Granola (400g)
Paleo Foods Company Almond & Pecan Granola (285g)
Bio&Me Super Seedy & Nutty Gut Friendly Prebiotic Granola (360g)
Bio&Me Raspberry + Beetroot Gut Friendly Prebiotic Granola (360g)
Lizi's Low Sugar Granola (500g)
Keto Hana Keto Friendly Granola - Cinnamon (300g)
Keto Hana Keto Friendly Granola - Coconut & Almond (300g)

Granola is such a simple and quick way to get a healthy, nutritious and delicious breakfast, so we believe that those who eat a vegan diet shouldn’t have to miss out on this great choice. Nutty, fruity, chocolate flavours and even greens, our vegan granola range has so many different flavour combinations so you’ll never be short of a variety of vegan breakfast options.

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Certified Gluten Free
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