Welcome to Adapto-June!
Welcome to Adapto-June!

Welcome to Adapto-June!

Friday, 1st June 2018

All month long we'll be show-casing the incredible power of adaptogens across all our departments; from Health & Body Care, to our Salad and Hot Dish Bar and brand new Wellness Bar!
This June we’re putting adaptogens on the pedestal they deserve and celebrating them across our stores.

Why? Well adaptogens are a pretty amazing group of foods & herbs. To be classed as an adaptogen, herbs must be; non-toxic to the body’s physiological functions, offer widespread support and help bring the body back to equilibrium. They have been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries, but we are just rediscovering how amazing they can be. 

Adaptogens essentially set about creating balance in your body by supporting your hormonal system. One of the most amazing things about them is that whilst they all have their own broad functions, they work with your body and adapt their function to your body’s specific needs.   
Some support your energy levels, such as maca. Others can reduce your stress levels, such as ashwagandha or as with ho shou wu, even boost your sex drive.

Adaptogens come in many different forms; pills, tinctures or powders. You can mix them into a smoothie, your morning coffee or mix them into your food.
On our food and drink counter this month we have made it even easier for you to get to know adaptogens by creating some special dishes. Making it as easy as ABC & D for you to include them in your diet…..

Ashwaganda Toasted Seeds….we’ve toasted linseeds & pumpkin seeds with tamari and ashwagandha for a stress busting addition to your meal. Through regulating cortisol (your body’s stress hormone) ashwagandha can help to lower stress levels.

Buzzing Beet Houmous….our adaptogenic take on our food counter staple. We’ve combined our houmous with beetroot and an energy boosting blend of ingredients; baobab, maca, guarana & ginseng. Both ginseng and maca can help to reduce fatigue, without any caffeine come down.

Cashew & Supergreens Pesto Portobellos…we’ve given our plant box favourite a make over for the month. Into the cashew & kale pesto we’ve added; maca, kelp, cacao, hemp, spirulina, chlorella, lucuma and barleygrass. Again you’ll be benefitting from the energy boosting qualities of maca (as well as all the great stuff from the greens!)

Drink…you can also drink your adaptogens this June. We are giving everyone who purchases a drink a FREE Wunder Workshop Golden Shrooms booster. We’ll combine this straight into your drink for you. This great blend includes the mushrooms reishi and cordyceps. Reishi can improve your immune response while cordyceps have long been used to improve physical performance & as an aphrodisiac.
Come in store this June to try our new adaptogenic food and drink and let us know what you think!

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