What is inside Toca Honey & Propolis?

What is inside Toca Honey & Propolis?

Thursday, 2nd July 2015

All you need to know about TOCA honay & Propolis.
Bee propolis comes from resin collected from trees, mainly conifers, by bees.  The resin collected is then combined with wax to make bee propolis. The bees use the sticky propolis to seal the hive and to create a sterile environment, free from microbes and other invaders.
Because the bees do not have a developed immune system; they use the propolis as their natural defense and medicine inside the beehive. The propolis contains as many as 300 active compounds including polyphenols, antioxidants and many other beneficial substances.

How is the propolis harvested from the hive?
The first time the bees enter a hive, they have the natural instinct to “propolize” all the interior walls. By doing so, they achieve an extra safe environment.
The interior of bee hives is said to be the most sanitary place on earth.
To collect some of their propolis, we place a mesh on the top of the suppers at the end of the crop season. They find the little holes in the mesh, and  immediately cover them with the propolis, to close the environment again.
In this way the propolis is harvested.

What is the propolis used for into the hive?
The bees use the propolis as the natural medicine inside their hives. It´s the extension from their immune system and they use the propolis to solve a wide range of issues of their everyday life.
Apart from being a common anti-bacterial and anti-virus substance, the bees use the propolis to fight some other threats inside the hive.
For example, if they suffer some attack from a bigger insect inside the hive, they can fight the enemy but they don´t have the power to remove the body outside the hive. In those cases, they add propolis to all the body surface, sealing it and creating a completely aseptic ambient.
Why is propolis good for you?
The main affect propolis has is “encouraging your body to do what it does naturally”….
One area of clinical focus is the beneficial immune supporting actions of bee propolis.  Propolis supports the immune system by promoting the body’s natural defenses and resistance to bacterial, viral and fungal infections. 
Bee propolis has been used throughout history as nature’s wellness formula.
Propolis also disrupts the proliferation of bacteria cells by inhibiting cell division and by destroying their cell structure. These actions reduce the life and the spread of bacteria internally and externally. 
As modern medicine continues to study this ancient compound, more of its reported healing properties and uses may be proven effective.

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