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Wheat Free Baking

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Shady Maple Farms Organic Maple Syrup (250ml)
Doves Farm Baking Powder (130g)
Doves Farm Bicarbonate of Soda (200g)
Planet Organic Sprouted Rolled Naked Oats (600g)
Sunita Organic Lemon Juice (250ml)
Clearspring Brown Rice Breadcrumbs (250g) Sale
£3.59 £3.99
Superfood Bakery Joy Makers Brownies (287g)
Planet Organic Sprouted Brown Rice (400g)
Shady Maple Farms 100% pure maple syrup (125ml)
La Bio Idea Organic Lemon Plus (200ml)
Doves Farm Quick Yeast (125g)
Billington's Organic Unrefined Golden Caster Sugar (500g)
Sunita Organic Lime Juice (250ml)
Planet Organic Sprouted Rolled Naked Oats (300g)
Just Wholefoods Real Strawberry Jelly Crystals (85g)
Doves Farm Brown Bread Flour (1 kg)
Crazy Jack Organic Brown Rice Syrup (340ml)
Biona Organic Agave Syrup (250ml)
Cook Vanilla Extract (40ml)
Just Wholefoods Real Raspberry Jelly Crystals (85g)
Doves Farm White Self-Raising Flour (1 kg)
Biona Organic Agave Nectar Dark (250ml)
SweetLeaf® Sweet Drops Sweetener Chocolate (50ml)
Cook Vanilla Pods (2 pods)
Biona Organic Date Syrup (350g)
Green & Black's Organic Fairtrade Cocoa Powder (125g)
Amisa Gluten Free Organic Pancake Mix (180g)
Steenbergs Arrowroot (60g)
Just Natural Buckwheat Flour (500g)
Hodmedod Quinoa Flour (500g)
PBfit Peanut Butter Powder (225g)
Tiana Org RAW Crystallised Coconut Nectar (250g)
Biona Raw Coconut Flour (500g)
Clearspring Brown Rice Flour (375g) Sale
£2.16 £2.40
Amisa Chocolate Brownie Mix (400g)
Biona Organic Agave Syrup Light (500ml)
Superfruit Almond Flour (500g)
Marigold Pomegranate Molasses (250ml)
Amisa Chestnut Flour (350g)
Steenbergs Cream of Tartar (70g)
Hodmedod Fava Bean Flour (500g)
Biona Fairtrade Rapadura Sugar (500g)
LittlePod Vanilla Extract (100ml)
Planet Organic Sprouted Buckwheat (400g)
NKD Living Granulated Erythritol (1kg)
Doves Farm White Flour (1 kg)
Hodmedod Green Pea Flour (500g)
Orgran Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancake Mix (375g)
Just Natural Psyllium Husk (200g)
Just Natural Cassava Flour (500g)
PB&Me Powdered Peanut Butter No Sugar Added (200g)
Rayner's Organic Barley Malt Extract (330g) Sale
£2.60 £3.25
Lovegrass Pancake and Waffle Mix (320g)
Clearspring Organic Kuzu Starch (125g) Sale
£6.29 £6.99
Just Wholefoods Vegetable Rennet (30ml)
Rayners Golden Syrup (340g) Sale
£2.95 £3.69
Just Natural Tapioca Flour (500g)
Just Natural Almond Flour- Defatted (500g)
Troo Inulin Syrup (227g)
Total Sweet Xylitol (225g)
Lovegrass Brown Teff Flour (500g)
Just Natural Brown Teff Flour (500g)
Just Natural Tigernut Flour (500g)
Plant Based Artisan Vegan Honea - Lavender (190ml)
Steenbergs Organic Orange Blossom Water (100ml)
Destination Blond Cane Sugar (1kg)
Lovegrass White Teff Flour (500g)
Meridian Organic Black Strap Molasses (350g)
Amisa Red Lentil Flour (400g)
Just Wholefoods Custard Powder (100g)
Steenbergs Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Drops (65g)
Superfood Bakery Spirit Lifters Cookies Mix (245g)

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