About the brands

Unbelievable Health

Unbeelievable Health’s plant based supplements are created by nutritionists and combine nutrients with proven benefits, which are not usually found in a regular diet or multivitamin. They are ‘Free From’ and Vegetarian Society Approved.

Bee Prepared immune formulas (daily defence & max strength) are great for colds, flu, hay fever, travel health and to help optimise wellness and combine bee propolis, elderberry, olive leaf, beta glucans, acerola cherry and more. Bee Prepared was voted Best Supplement 2016 in the Your Healthy Living Awards.

BEE Energised energy & focus won the Beauty Shortlist Best Supplement 2016 award and combines organic: bee pollen, matcha & spirulina along with rose hips, ginseng, B vitamins and more, helping to provide a steady stream of energy, stamina and mental alertness, without the jitters and crashes. Benefits build with time to help resolve ongoing issues of fatigue.
5% of profits are donated to bee causes and research. 

Toca Honey, Made by our happy and non-stressed bees

Our beehives are located in hardly accessible places in the mountains in pristine habitats, far away from conventional agriculture.

Toca-Honey´s mission is to offer a natural high quality product that helps to stimulate and preserve the environment in the natural reserves of Galicia through the sustainable beekeeping activity.
The honey and bee products offered by Toca-Honey comply strictly with the requirements of the European organic farming regulation.

Our honey bees are not fed with sugar, the hives do not receive any chemical treatments and we stamp and use only our own organic certified bee wax which guarantees the full control of the health of our bee farm. In addition all our organic honey is homegrown which guarantees complete control of the traceability of our products.

Raw organic honey, extracted by cold centrifugation and honey bee products from our harvest is all you will find in the Toca-Honey range, because we are convinced of the excellent quality that we supervise daily on our farm.