Keep Cup

Keep Cup

The 500 billion disposable cups used in the world each year, placed end-to-end, could circumnavigate the earth 1360 times.

Unfortunately despite their paper exterior, most disposable cups are lined with plastic. It stops the water from seeping out the cup but it also makes them non-recyclable. However drinking coffee on the go has become such an important part of our daily lives, how can we keep this habit whilst at the same time reducing the environmental impact?

KeepCup is the world’s first barista standard, reusable coffee cup. Their aim; to promote a worldwide movement of reuse and sustainability.

Started in 2009 by Abigail & Jamie; a brother and sister team who were running a café in the coffee capital Melbourne. They saw first-hand how much packaging waste a café generates and that the reusable options at the time didn’t have much traction. After a moment of clarity and a lot of time spent with designers the KeepCup was born. The focus was on creating a product which people actually wanted to use, so usability and aesthetics were the priority. This may seem like a diversion from the problem at hand, but Abigail & Jamie had the foresight to predict that unless something looked good and performed well, people would not continue to use it. ‘The best reusable is the one you use’ as Abigail puts it.

It worked. Since 2009 over 4 million KeepCups have been sold in 65 countries around the world. That is 4 million conscious decisions to commit to breaking our cycle of single use disposables. And billions of disposable cups have been diverted from landfill as a result.

There are currently 2 varieties of KeepCup, available in multiple sizes. The fully recyclable plastic cup is lightweight, unbreakable and BPA free. It takes the plastic from only 20 disposable cups & lids to make a plastic KeepCup. The glass KeepCup is designed for long life, is durable and shock resistant. All KeepCups are made from interchangeable, single component parts which means the separate parts can be independently recycled and replaced prolonging the life. The have been tested by industrial designer up to 1500 and KeepCup estimate they will last for at least 3 years.

It’s not just about the cups, as a company KeepCup work hard to ensure they practice what they preach and have environmental impact at the forefront of all their decision making. The majority of production takes places locally in Melbourne, from here it is shipped to the UK. However they are growing the UK part of their operation; component parts are shipped and then assembled in their UK warehouse. All packaging is produced locally in the UK and FSC certified. They have set up production of the small plastic cups in the UK and this year will be adding the large plastic cups to this.


Our use of disposables is growing exponentially. KeepCup are providing a practical and stylish solution that works. KeepCups are available at Planet Organic with a free coffee with every purchase. Also, we’ll give you double loyalty stamps for life when you bring your KeepCup back for your coffee.  Feel Good. Do Good.