Keto Snacks

Feeling (keto) peckish? Looking for keto snack inspiration or lunch box additions? Kick the munchies to the curb and browse the Planet Organic range of keto and paleo-approved snacks, low in sugar and carbs, packed with essential nutrients. Satisfy any sugar or junk snack craving with tasty, low in sugar chocolate bars, a variety of delicious low-carb flavoured crisps, gooey brownies, nutritious snack bars, scrumptious dessert bites, cookies and muffins. Explore our wonderful selection of keto snacks including vegan treats, on-the-go desserts and crisps, from favourite brands such as Keto8, Eva Bold, Adonis, KetoKeto, Keto Hana, Pulsin, Ombar, Vivani and more. Treat yourself to tasty yet nutritious keto snacks without compromising on a healthy lifestyle.