Our Communities

At Planet Organic, we care deeply about the communities we are a part of. We want to do more for our customers, neighbourhoods, employees, suppliers and the planet than simply buying and selling product. Whenever we enter into a community we make sure that we support local initiatives and endeavour to recruit the whole store team directly from that neighbourhood. We work with all local schools, providing the best possible employability support and careers guidance for their students. Offering week long work experiences throughout the year, along with CV and career advice, also helping with permanent positions within our store. In partnership with House of St Barnabas, we also provide people with the support and training they need to find lasting paid employment, helping break the cycle of homelessness.

Through partnering with companies like Olio and Too Good To Go we became the first zero edible food waste business in 2018, with all surplus food being shared and not thrown away. This food is either redistributed to our neighbours or used to feed the homeless community around where our stores are located. Any food that is inedible is composted and used by regenerative agriculture farms around London.

What really matters to us is being able to support our community when they need it the most. Many of our vulnerable customers were shielding during lockdown and struggled to get delivery slots online with any supermarket. Our teams identified these customers, contacted them and made sure they got a slot.

We know that each of the local communities around our stores are a hive of schools, clubs, networks and culture. To be a part of the community means to support where we can and we will continue to tenaciously engage and sponsor a diverse collection of community projects; from a local Peloton club in Muswell Hill, to a kids ice hockey team at Alexandra Palace, to the Lexi Cinema in Queen’s Park, London’s only social enterprise cinema.

As a business, we are constantly changing and would love to hear from you regarding local communities and charities that we can work with. Please get in touch with us at talktous@planetorganic.com