Keto Pasta & Rice

The Planet Organic range of keto pasta and keto rice alternative products has been carefully selected to help you eat well while maintaining your keto diet.  Because wheat-based pasta is disqualified from most keto eating plans, it contains substitute keto pasta recipes using Konjac flour,  kelp and other plant-based alternative ingredients. This means you can enjoy keto pasta noodles with your favourite keto pasta sauces. 

You can stock up on low carbohydrate keto rice alternatives too including keto cauliflower rice and Konnyaku products. So if you’re looking to maintain your keto lifestyle without missing out on rice and pasta, browse our store. You will find keto pasta brands you can trust and keto rice recipes you can rely on. 

Whether you are starting on your keto high fat low carb journey or an old hand, we have created a quick guide to keto rice and pasta keto options you might find useful. With 450 keto-friendly products available through Planet Organic's Keto Shop, we have a lot of information to share.

Is pasta Keto?

Traditional keto is definitely not keto. In fact, it is so high in carbohydrates that it can kick you out of ketosis on its own. Keto pasta typically refers to alternative noodles and similar products made with low carb alternative ingredients. You get the pasta experience without the risks.

Is rice Keto?

Rice is such a staple ingredient and so flexible. But is it keto? Are rice cakes keto? Is rice pudding keto? The answer is, again, traditional white and brown rice contain too many carbs to support a keto diet. Keto rice is therefore typically a rice substitute made from low carb alternatives such as cauliflower, broccoli and Konnyaku.

How do you make keto pasta from scratch?

The key to making keto pasta from scratch is choosing your substitute ingredients. Is pistachio flour keto? Yes. Almond and coconut flour too. Do check carefully though. If you were to ask about chickpea keto options, for example, the answer would be no thanks to chickpea carb content. Rather than adapt recipes, though, many keto followers simply switch to wholly plant-based noodles such as Konnyaku or Shirataki choices for their favourite dishes.

What keto rice recipes work well?

Replacing traditional rice with plant-based alternatives such as cauliflower means you can make tasty keto variants of your favourite rice-based dishes. From egg and chicken fried rice to breakfast bowls, tabbouleh, grits and even sushi.

Where to buy keto pasta and keto rice?

If you’re wondering how to start creating fantastic keto rice and keto pasta dishes, there are dozens of helpful products available through Planet Organic’s Keto range. All available for delivery throughout the UK.