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You have found the best online place to buy keto snacks, ingredients and supplements. Here, you can explore Planet Organic's keto diet range where you will find everything you need to enjoy being part of the growing keto UK community. The range of keto foods to buy online or from our keto shop in London includes keto meals such as soups and broths, keto bread and baked goods and keto-friendly snacks and drinks. The range of keto products UK customers can have delivered, whether they are a keto London fan or based in the wilds of Scotland, also includes natural keto carb alternatives, sweeteners, supplements and protein powders.

Shop keto ingredients, buy keto snacks and stock up on keto supplements with Planet Organic. We can deliver everything on your Keto shopping list straight to your kitchen too.



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Can Women Do Keto?

Can Women Do Keto?

Sara Aguilar, explains how a cyclical ketogenic low carb diet can be used to optimise women's energy and mood throughout their cycle. 
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Two Weeks of Keto Meal Ideas and Snacks with Shopping List

Two Weeks of Keto Meal Ideas and Snacks with Shopping List

Learn how to eat a ketogenic diet with two weeks of keto meal and snacks ideas complete with grocery list.
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Keto Must Haves

Keto Must Haves

Keto-friendly foods list may at first appear limited, but our buyers are bringing in plenty of exciting new products.
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Are you new to keto products and keto food online shopping? We have written a quick guide to help.

What is keto food and where to get it?

The keto or ketogenic diet is a high-fat low-carb diet that encourages the body to get more of its calories from fat and less from carbohydrates. It means focusing on the intake of natural fats while cutting back on carbohydrates that are easy to digest like sugar, pasta, pastries and white bread. Keto-friendly foods include meat and poultry, fish and shellfish, cheese, eggs, butter and low-carb vegetables as well as vegan plant-based alternatives. We also sell keto alternatives, keto supplements, snacks and ingredients though the Planet Organic keto shop online.

What is the difference between keto and low-carb choices?

There’s more to keto than cutting back on carbohydrates. With keto eating, you are actively choosing to use natural fats, such as those direct from meat and dairy, as an energy source rather than simply reducing your intake of carbohydrates alone. Understanding the sources of natural fat in your diet will help you choose which keto snacks to buy or supplements to take, should you need a little help.

Do I need to count calories while on a keto food diet?

Calories aren’t a primary focus of keto eating as a keto diet is primarily about balancing your fat, protein and carb intake. You can arrange a delivery from Planet Organic of keto friendly foods to fit into your keto plan.

Is a keto food diet good for you?

Initially devised as a therapeutic diet used to control seizures in people with epilepsy, many people are using it to control their weight and try to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Ketosis describes the process of your body burning fat to create energy rather than carbohydrates. Studies have shown that entering ketosis through your food intake does not have any real negative consequence in the short term. We do, however, wait for longer-term studies.

Given the restrictive nature of keto choices such as reducing most fruit, whole grains, vegetables and legumes, you may fall short of certain natural nutrients. The good news is Planet Organic has a range of supplements available online should you need help to balance your diet.