Keto Pantry

Stock up on pantry essentials with Planet Organic’s range of keto friendly products and ingredients. Our keto-friendly pantry selection has all the essential staples for your pantry whether you’re looking for paleo bread, rolls, wraps, sweet or sour bagels, plant-based milk alternatives, low-sugar sweeteners, delicious pasta options, oils, low carb flours, rice alternatives and more. Shop our keto and paleo diet friendly collection of low-carb, low-sugar, gluten and grain-free options to satisfy any stubborn carby craving. Discover favourite keto suited brands such as Keto8, Plenish, Keto Hana, Biona, Rude Health, Ketogenic, Locako and our own brand of Planet Organic butters, flours and milk, and stock up your pantry shelves!