Keto Pantry

The Planet Organic Pantry range of keto ingredients includes all the keto diet staples you need to eat well and maintain your routine. Our keto pantry has been stocked with low carbohydrate, high fat keto essential ingredients from nuts and seeds and bread, rolls and wraps to plant-based milk alternatives,  sweeteners and chocolate and pasta and rice alternatives. You can buy all your must-have keto-friendly ingredients, from your favourite trusted, brands right here. 

Whether you are new to your keto diet or an experienced shopper, we have created this keto Pantry guide to help you stock up on the basics. It will share information on keto staples that are important for anyone using keto principles to control their weight and improve their health With 450 keto-friendly items in Planet Organic's Keto Shop, we have a lot of information to share.

What keto ingredients do I need?

Foods considered keto-friendly include seafood, chicken, bacon, eggs, butter and other high fat, low carbohydrates basics. Vegetables like kale, broccoli and cauliflower and fruit in the form of berries count as low carb keto-friendly foods. Fats from nuts, seeds, olive oil, cheese and cream are good too.

What keto substitutions should I make in my shopping?

High carbohydrate foods such as rice and pasta should be substituted by low carbohydrate plant-based alternatives. Similarly, milk should be substituted with plant or nut-based dairy alternatives such as soya, coconut or almond milk. For a touch of indulgence, swap your milk chocolate for raw, dark pure cacao chocolate.

What keto foods should I have in my cupboards?

A healthy keto-friendly cupboard might include tinned fish, tinned meat, peanut butter, almond or coconut butter and coconut oil. Nut milks and nut and seed oils, including olive oil, are key keto ingredients. As sugar is bad, natural sweeteners are a good thing to have to hand as is raw cacao powder and chocolate. The list goes on, but there’s no need to miss out. The range of keto products available means the cupboard needn’t ever be bare.

What supplements should I include in my keto diet?

Many on keto diets include supplements as part of their regime including extra minerals such as zinc and magnesium, vitamins and additional protein through protein powders, shakes and bone broths. Such supplements help support your immune system, digestion and general health and well-being.

Where can I buy Keto pantry items?

If you’re wondering how to fill your kitchen cupboards with the best keto food and ingredient choices, there are dozens of ideal products available through Planet Organic’s Keto Pantry range. So if you’re looking for everything you need in one handy place, you’ll find it here.