Healthy Snacks & Crisps

If you are wondering what crisps are vegan or which snacks you can eat with zero guilt, you will find the answers in Planet Organic's range of healthy organic snacks and crisps. Our healthy crisps, healthy snack bars, organic salty snacks, healthy vegan snacks and other healthy savoury snacks are available alongside sweet treats, bars and nibbles. They are perfect for on-the-go eating or rewarding yourself when you need a little pick me up. We have the biggest online collection of organic and vegan snacks to buy online as well as healthy crisps and other treats, so why deny yourself? 

Vegan Crisps & Snacks

We offer healthy vegan crisps and vegan snacks, dairy-free products and protein-rich, high energy nutritious snack delivery including top brands such as our own Planet Organic Energise Bars. Browse our range of healthy snacks, organic crisps and other treats to buy online.