Biona Organic

Discover Biona Organic and its vast range of organic kitchen essentials. With sustainability and quality at its core, our collection of Biona foods includes everything you need for an organic kitchen from rye bread and pasta to sauerkraut and vegan falafels.  Biona Organic cooking essentials such as oils, sauces and tinned vegetables will delight the senses and excite your imagination. Biona foods promise as much in flavour as they do in nutrients. Browse the Biona Organic online range at Planet Organic and take advantage of our home delivery options.

What is in Biona Organic's range?

Biona Organic sell great tasting, thoughtfully prepared food and make it easy to follow an ethical path. The range includes everything from organic wheat pasta and rye breads to organic sweets, condiments and all-natural juices. There are no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified crops. They only use sustainable farming methods and do not work their land intensively. With 100% traceability for all of their products, you can trust that Biona Organic to provide foods of the highest, most sustainable quality.