Our Online Order Packaging

We choose organic and natural products because we believe they are the most sustainable option, so when we chose our online order packaging, we applied the same principals to ensure we’re doing the best we can for the planet.   


What we use:   

When you order from us online, the type of packaging we use will depend on what products are in your order and whether any of them require refrigeration.  

  • Cardboard boxes, made from forestry commission certified paper 
  • Air pockets, made from biodegradable bio plastic  
  • Crumpled brown paper, made from recycled materials  
  • Paper bubble wrap, made from forestry commission certified paper 
  • Paper tape with Arabic gum glue 
  • Home compostable zip lock bags, for items containing liquids to protect from spillages, made from TUV certified home-compostable polymer 
  • For orders including chilled items, we use sheep’s wool insulation liners, wool insulated pouches and water-filled ice packs all made by Woolcool. Read more about Woolcool and why it’s so sustainable here


How to dispose of our packaging: 

  • All cardboardcrumped paper, paper tape and paper bubble wrap can be recycled in your council-collected recycling bin 
  • Air pockets and zip lock bags can be deflated and popped in your food waste or garden waste bin, if you have one. If you don’t, put them in your normal rubbish bin as they’ll also decompose in landfill  
  • Ice packs can be frozen again and reused to keep your lunches, picnics or drinks cool. Or, if you don’t need them, you can puncture the plastic, drain the water out and recycle in a plastic-bag recycling point at your local large supermarket. Or, return them to us and we’ll reuse them.
  • Wool liners can be reused to insulate more orders, so the best option is to return them to us. Alternatively, separate them into the plastic outer layer and wool inner layer. The wool can bcomposted on your compost heap, used as an insulator for your vegetable patch or torn up and put in your food or garden waste bin. The plastic can be recycled at a plastic-bag recycling point.  


How to return our wool liners and ice packs: 

The most sustainable thing to do with your wool liners and ice packs is to return them to us. Once you’ve had four chilled orders with wool liners and ice packs, email us at talktous@planetorganic.com and we’ll send you a returns label, along with instructions on how to return itOnce we’ve received your packaging back, we’ll give you 10% off your next order, as a thank you.  

If they’re in good condition, we’ll use them again to keep more orders cool and if not, we’ll return them to the manufacturer to be turned into new wool liners or to be recycled 

Alternatively, bring the packaging to your local Planet Organic and we’ll take care of it.