A Guide To Beauty Tools

A Guide To Beauty Tools

Morgan Shelly, model and clean beauty guru, talks us through the ultimate guide for Planet Organic’s beauty tools to help pamper yourself or a loved one.

Skincare routines seem to have become increasingly complicated in recent years. Beauty tools are creeping in to not only amp up your skincare routine but to help the products you already use reach their full potential. Plus, they’re a cute ritual of self care and require a lot of mindfulness. Who says you can’t treat yourself to a spa day from the sofa?

Jade Rollers & Gua Shas

Don’t know where to start? Jade rollers and gua sha’s are beginner-friendly tools for skincare newbies. They can play a significant role in lymphatic drainage. With good technique, they gently encourage fluids towards the lymph nodes for filtering and detoxification. Not only does this depuff, but it leaves the skin with a natural glow whilst boosting the immune system. Jade rollers and gua sha’s can also stimulate collagen production and boost skin cell turnover.I like to keep mine in the fridge for an extra cooling touch.

Psychic Sisters Amethyst And Quartz Gemstone Roller

Psychic Sisters Amethyst And Quartz Gemstone Roller 6"x2.5", £29.95

Psychic Sisters Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Psychic Sisters Rose Quartz Gua Sha 3.5"x1", £24.95

Body Brushes

Body brushes work in a similar way to most facial tools. They can lend to a host of benefits such as smoother body skin, reduction of cellulite, lymphatic drainage and, once again, strengthening the immune system. Dry body brushing is easy to do and is something I recommend to anyone wanting to kick their bath-time routine up a notch. Simply by using long, light-pressured strokes in an upwards direction from your ankles to your underarms, you’re encouraging lymph flow and increasing blood circulation. It’s important to follow a session with a good lathering of moisturiser to restore hydration to the skin.

Elytrum Palm Body Brush

Elytrum Palm Body Brush each, £12.50

ilapothecary SOS body balm 100g, £39.00

Derma Rollers

Derma rollers aren’t to be confused with jade rollers. Derma rollers (or microneedlers) are nifty rollers with tiny needles at the end. Fear not! They are completely safe and extremely effective. As the little needles make contact with the skin, they stimulate the cells to crank up collagen production. They also help your serums and moisturisers penetrate the skin more effectively meaning more bang for your buck when it comes to your products. It’s imperative to use them on freshly cleansed skin and to keep your roller clean between uses. If you have sensitive skin, rosacea or acne - I’d avoid these tools and opt for a jade roller or gua sha.

White Lotus Derma Roller 0.5mm each

White Lotus Derma Roller 0.5mm each, £64.00
Flexi Skin The Microneedler
Flexi Skin The Microneedler 95g, £35.00

Trust me, I know the world of skincare can be a scary place. Overwhelming is an understatement! But if you’re in the mood to take your self-care to the next level, beauty tools are a good place to start.