Wine of the Month: Tinto de Estremoz

Wine of the Month: Tinto de Estremoz

Be sure to read the first part to this blog where we interview Laura Riches & Laura Rosenberger, Co-founders of Laylo.

Please can you tell us more about the Tinto de Estremoz wine?

This is a big, juicy red blend from Estremoz, in the Alentejo region of Portugal. It’s made from 5 impossible-to-pronounce local varietals with a dash of Merlot.

It’s Laylo’s best selling red - and even picked up a 5* review in The Times.

Why do you love this wine?

Portugal is a brilliant region to find big, juicy reds at a fantastic price.

Before the 1974 revolution in Portugal, it wasn’t really considered a wine region beyond Port. Which is why you can still find delicious, indigenous varietals that taste completely different to other wines on the shelves.

We also fell in love with the city where the wine is made - Estremoz. It’s famous for beautiful orangey pink marble, which is what inspired the box design.

Is it true this wine is made by a female grower?

Yes, Donzilia Copeto. And she’s absolutely incredible!

Donzilia was a trailblazer of sustainable winemaking practices before most people were thinking about it… picking up the odd “Winemaker of the Year” gong along the way. Well deserved, we think.

What are the tasting notes?

This is a bold, inky wine that’s all plump cherries and dark, mature fruit. A slight touch of French and Hungarian oak gives it a lick of spice, with tannins that taste like liquid velvet. Basically, it’s like a great big hug in a glass.

Does this wine use any special growing techniques?

Alentejo is an extremely hot region. But Donzilia and her team use the latest technology to reduce water consumption on the vineyards.