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Candles & home fragrance

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Scentered De-Stress Travel Candle (85g)
Scentered Love Travel Candle (85g)
Scentered Escape Travel Candle (85g)
Scentered De-Stress Home Candle (220g)
Scentered Be Happy Travel Candle (85g)
Scentered Sleep Well Candle - Travel (85g)
Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist (30ml)
Scentered Sleep Well Candle - Home (220g)
Scentered Love Home Candle (220g)
Encens D'Auroville - Cinnamon
Encens D'Auroville - Ylang Ylang
Incognito Room Refresher (43g)
Encens D'Auroville - Vanilla
Encens D'Auroville - Musk
Encens D'Auroville - Frankincense
Encens D'Auroville - Lavender
Encens D'Auroville - Sandalwood
Corinne Taylor Calm Aromatherapy Room & Linen Mist (100ml)
Neom Tranquility Home Candle (425g)
Encens D'Auroville - Cedarwood
Encens D'Auroville - Myrrh
Encens D'Auroville - Coconut
Encens D'Auroville - Fern & Moss
Encens D'Auroville - Patchouli
Neom Complete Bliss Mini Candle (75g)
Neom Real Luxury Reed Diffuser Refill (100ml)
Neom Feel Refreshed Reed Diffuser Refill (100ml)
Scentered Escape Home Candle (220g)
Paddywax Celestial Glass with Flat Rose Gold Lid Cosmic Grapefruit (Blush) (532 ml/ 18oz) Sale
Encens D'Auroville - Jasmine
Encens D'Auroville - Orange Blossom
Neom Happiness Reed Diffuser Refill (100ml)
Neom Happiness Reed Diffuser (100ml)
Neom Real Luxury Home Candle (425g)
Neom Complete Bliss Home Candle (425g)
Neom Real Luxury Reed Diffuser (100ml)

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