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Shop our range of CBD oils, also known as Cannabidiol or hemp oil, from leading brands such as KIKI Health, Zen CBD and YourZooki. Our selection of CBD oil is available in various strengths - up to 40%.
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KIKI CBD Oil 5% (10ml) Sale
£32.00 £40.00
Zen CBD Coconut 500mg Spray (20ml)
Zen CBD Coconut 1000mg Spray (20ml)
Zen CBD Coconut 2500mg Spray (20ml)
Zen CBD Peppermint 1000mg Spray (20ml)
Zen CBD Peppermint 2500mg Spray (20ml)
Zen CBD Peppermint 500mg Spray (20ml)
KIKI CBD Aqua with Curcumin (10ml) Sale
£40.00 £50.00
KIKI CBD Oil 10% (10ml) Sale
£56.00 £70.00
KIKI CBD Oil Gold 25% (10ml) Sale
£140.00 £175.00
Gold Leaf CBD Spray 25% (10ml)
Zen CBD Oil 15% (1500mg) (10ml)
Zen CBD Unflavoured 2500mg Spray (20ml)
Zen CBD Unflavoured 500mg Spray (20ml)
Zen CBD Oil 25% (2500mg) (10ml)
Zen CBD Unflavoured 1000mg Spray (20ml)
Zen CBD Oil 30% (3000mg) (10ml)
Zen CBD Vanilla Flavoured 1000mg Spray (20ml)
Gold Leaf CBD Spray 40% (10ml)
Gold Leaf CBD Spray 15% (10ml)
Zen CBD Oil 10% (1000mg) (10ml)
Zen CBD Vanilla Flavoured 1500mg Spray (20ml)
YourZooki CBD, 10%, (10ml)
YourZooki CBD 20%, (10ml)
Hemptouch CBD 15% (1500mg) (10ml/0.33 fl.oz)
YourZooki CBD 40%, (10ml)
Zen CBD Oil 5% (500mg) (10ml)
Hemptouch CBD 3% (300mg) (10ml/0.33 fl.oz)
Natures Plus Hempceutix Complete 5 Mg (60 caps)
Kanabia CBD+ Oil - Golden Harvest with Turmeric & Rosemary 500mg (30ml)
Zen CBD Coconut Flavoured 1500mg Spray (20ml)
Kanabia CBD+ Oil - Golden Harvest 1000mg (50ml)
Carun Active Hemp CBD+CBA OIL 3% (10ml)
Natures Plus HempCeutix Complete 15 mg Vcaps (60 caps)
Now Alchemy CBD 1000 (50ml)
Zen CBD Vanilla Flavoured 2000mg Spray (20ml)

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Certified Gluten Free
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