Keto Cereals

The Planet Organic range of keto cereals and keto-friendly cereal bars, bites and other snacks has been carefully selected to help you maintain your keto diet without any artificial ingredients, sweeteners or preservatives.  Our cereal keto choices mean you can always have a keto cereal alternative to hand for breakfast or anytime you feel the need for a healthy snack. You might keep keto cereal bars handy as part of your exercise routine for example. With keto diet cereals from Planet Organic, you have all the options you need.

If you are new to keto’s high-fat low carb regime, wondering which cereals are keto-friendly or just looking for tips, you might find our quick keto cereals guide helpful. Overall, we 450 keto-friendly products in Planet Organic's Keto Shop, we there’s a wealth of information for you to enjoy on our site.

What cereals are good for a keto diet?

What cereals can you have on a keto diet? Well, a keto diet generally means living gluten and grain-free, which makes traditional cereals a clear no. The good news is, there are still plenty of options. You just need to use a little imagination. Look for dried fruit, nuts and seed substitutes for grain. Ideas include berries, oats, coconut flakes and other nuts. Brazil nuts add a super creamy texture.

Which is the best keto cereal for breakfast?

Knowing grain is out needn’t make a dent in your breakfast plans. Keto diet cereals can still help start your day if they use nut - almond perhaps - bases with sweetness coming from dried fruits. Look for natural supplements to boost your energy too such as Stevia and sunflower protein. Make the most of your day.

Are there any keto granola recipes?

There are dozens of keto granola recipes available in our store. They are typically nut-based with coconut or almond combined with a broad range of delicious flavours including cinnamon, chocolate, berry and even peanut butter.

Where to buy keto cereals?

If you’re wondering where to get hold of all your favourite keto cereals and other keto-friendly products,, there are dozens of tasty available through Planet Organic’s Keto range. All available for delivery throughout the UK.