Keto Fats

The Planet Organic range of keto fats, oils and similar products has been carefully selected to help you eat well while you are maintaining your keto diet. From keto fat bombs and raw butter to vegetable oils and ghees, you can explore our range of keto saturated fats and other products designed to help you with keto fat burning and weight control.   Our keto fat food and ingredient selection makes shopping for keto fats easy, whether you are looking for keto fat bombs in peanut butter flavour as a treat, extra virgin coconut oil for your stock cupboard or an MCT oil supplement. You can buy them all here for UK wide delivery.     

Whatever you know about keto diets, you will probably recognise that fat plays a key part in its success. To help further, we have created this keto fats guide to help you. It will explain how choosing the right kind of fat may actually support weight control, better health and improved wellbeing. With 450 keto-friendly items in Planet Organic's Keto Shop, we have lots of information to share.

What fats are keto-friendly?

The best fats for those on a keto diet are natural plant and nut-based fats and oils including avocado, almond, coconut and virgin oils. Flaxseeds and Chia seeds are also a good source of keto-friendly fat that can be rapidly broken down and absorbed into the body and provide fast fuel for the brain and body.

What keto diet fats should you eat?

Unsaturated fats that may help ketosis, the process of burning body fat, include oil from avocados and walnuts, macadamias, almonds, and Brazil nuts. Seeds, such as flax and pumpkin seeds also contain the right kind of fat, as do oily fish, such as salmon, tuna, anchovies and sardines. Despite being saturated, fat from coconuts is also good as is the fat from olives and olive oil. If the natural keto fat listed here prove a challenge, our range also includes organic natural keto fat supplements should you need a little help.

How much keto fat should I have per day?

Specific limits will vary for individuals but, as a rule of thumb, someone on a 2000-calorie diet should consume approximately 165 grams of the right kind of fat. This follows the general ketogenic suggestion that daily calories are broken down into an average of 70-80% fat, 5-10% carbohydrate and 10-20% protein.

Are there keto fats with no carbohydrates?

Butter is perfect for the keto lifestyle, as it's carb-free and about 80% fat. Eggs are good too with about 65% fat, 35% protein and 0% carbs. MCT oil is a coconut-derived fat that comes with no carbs too. Low or no-carb fat bombs are a great way to help you get keto-friendly fat into your diet too.

Where can I buy keto fats?

If you’re wondering how to stock up with keto-friendly fats and keto fat supplements,, there are dozens of helpful products available through Planet Organic’s Keto range. If you’re looking for one of the key ingredients to a successful keto regime, you’ll find it here.