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Through our vegan shop, UK customers can now find all the animal and cruelty-free items they need under one roof. With over 3,000 online vegan foods, vegan grocery items and other products together in one extensive vegan online shop, you don't need to look elsewhere.

Shop vegan ingredients, buy vegan food and stock up on vegan supplements with Planet Organic. We can deliver everything on your vegan shopping list straight to your home too.




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Golden Balance Latte

Golden Balance Latte

Soothing hot milk and invigorating warm spices meet in this simple recipe from Wunder Workshop. It’s a great excuse to sit down, relax ...
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Green Goddess Noodle Salad from Biona

Green Goddess Noodle Salad from Biona

Whether you’re working or not, taking a proper break away from laptops and phones to refuel with nourishing food is essential. Try this...
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Cashew, Sweet Potato and Tamarind Curry

Cashew, Sweet Potato and Tamarind Curry

Our friends at Rude Health have teamed up with ultimate vegetarian foodie and author of The Modern Cook's Year, Anna Jones, for this comf...
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Our vegan online shop range is full of new and innovative vegan food to buy along with vegan staples from plant-based milk to tofu. It includes chocolate, vegan wine and vegan health and beauty products too.  We have vegan alternatives for everything you could wish for and the best vegan cookies for sale. It's why our vegan store UK customers keep coming back for more.

Vegan Food Online

When you buy vegan food online from Planet Organic’s supermarket you can be confident you're choosing from reliable and trusted brands too. Whether you are stocking up on your favourite vegan foods, picking up vegan essentials or finding vegan snacks to enjoy, you can rest easy. Our vegan shop online UK options have all been selected by experts. 

New to veganism and vegan grocery shopping? We’ve written a quick guide for you.

Why order vegan food and groceries?

Veganism is defined as a lifestyle that doesn’t use animal-derived products for food, clothing, beauty products or anything else. All vegan foods to buy therefore should not include meat, eggs, dairy or other animal-sourced ingredients like honey. Our vegan range isn’t just for vegans, though. We have a fantastic range of natural products that anyone can enjoy.

Where to buy vegan food and groceries?

Vegan supermarket ranges on the high street are growing every year but even the best vegan supermarket selections remain relatively small. As a result, many people order vegan food online to find everything they need. Planet Organic has 3,000 products to choose from in its online vegan supermarket so you should be able to find everything you need in one place.

Which vegan food suppliers to choose?

Whether you buy from us or other local vegan stores, it’s important the vegan suppliers you choose are reputable and certified. You need to be confident anything you buy is suitable for vegans and 100% free from animal products. The good news is that Planet Organic does the checking for you. All the products in our vegan supermarket are guaranteed to be fully suitable for vegans and free from animal-derived products.

Can my children be vegan?

We recommend that you seek advice before choosing to feed your children a plant-based diet. If you choose to feed your children a plant-based diet, we have a range of vegan vitamins and minerals to supplement their diet, from B12 to calcium, just like adults living a vegan lifestyle should consider supplementing too.

What are the best vegan protein sources?

Meat and animal-based products have traditionally been recognised as primary sources of protein, but there are countless plant-based alternatives. Protein-rich vegan foods include beans, nuts, tofu, quinoa, tempeh and soy milk to name a few. Planet Organic also stocks vegan snacks and vegan protein supplements specifically formulated to help ensure you get the protein you need.

What are the best alternatives to meat?

Some do, however Planet Organic stock a range of vegan meat substitutes for such occasions. You can pick up alternatives to bacon, burgers, sausages and chicken as part of your vegan grocery shopping range, so there’s no reason to miss out.

What cheese alternatives are available?

Some vegans do miss cheese, but the number of good cheese alternatives has grown rapidly in recent years. Planet Organic stock a range of alternatives including vegan mozzarellas, camemberts, fetas, ricottas, cream cheeses and smoked cheeses. Most are made from nuts, and some are fermented to achieve an authentic tangy cheese flavour.

What about vegan treats?

There’s certainly no shortage of vegan snacks, sweets and treats here. Planet Organic has over 150 types of vegan chocolate to choose from, plus plant-based crisps and chips, sweets and popcorn, energy bars, plus vegan wine, beer and prosecco too. Find whatever you’re craving in our vegan treats range.